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Autotuned Scientists!

I just snaked this from PZ Myers. Is that wrong?It's fantastic! … [Read more...]

Hey Kids! Free Drugs!

Suppose there was a way to make other people think like you? Imagine a drug you could hand out that, with regular doses over a period of time, would cause other people to be like you, to agree with you, in most every way. A drug that would cause them to be UNABLE, mostly, to disagree with you.1) Would you give it to your kids?2) Would you give it to your friends? … [Read more...]

Catholic Childhood Abuse

Regarding childhood abuse, I think the prevailing attitude toward it is that at some point you should just get over it. And I agree, mostly. Full-grown adults who talk about their childhood traumas, and never seem to get over them and just move on, well, you get tired of listening, don't you? But then again, I can't help but think of bonsai trees. Miranda Celeste opens a window into a type of childhood abuse which, because it is so socially acceptable, is often overlooked. … [Read more...]

Help PZ Pick a Title for His Book

PZ Myers is asking for help in naming his book. I’ve got this book off at my publisher, and we’re still arguing over the title. Everything else looks good, but we can’t agree on this one rather big thing: my editor definitely wants it to be something personal and about me, of all people. So I have an exercise for everyone. Imagine an infidel like me with a book that skewers religion and triumphantly praises the godless way of life. Imagine the cover. There, in big bold print it says… … [Read more...]

Death to Atheists!

The software that runs this blog (and all the blogs on FTB) includes some tools on the back end that show stuff like the total number of hits per day for the whole site, number of hits per day on each article, etc. It also has a little feature that shows, for the people who arrive here via Google or some other search engine, the exact search term they used. Most of them are matter-of-fact phrases — “is bloomberg an atheist” — which connect in an obvious way with some story I’ve written, but other … [Read more...]

Earthman’s Journey – Part 3 (of 8)

[ Part 1 — 2 — 3 — 4 — 5 — 6 – 7 — 8 ]   Cutter After seasons of proving myself at many of the other chores of branding, on this day, I’m in charge of castrations. After the calf slides to a stop and both the heel rope and the top man are firmly in place, I step forward and kneel down by the calf’s belly. I stretch out the scrotum and slice across the lower third of it with a sharp knife. The testicles usually pop out on their own, but sometimes you have to fish around, pressing here and the … [Read more...]