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The Bite of the Camel

Daniel Fincke of Camels With Hammers sent me an email asking me if he could quote and critique a comment I left on his site ("The Moral Argument for Free Will") a few days ago.I thought your second comment on my free will post yesterday raised a lot of important points for clarification and I think I want to base a post around replying to it. I often do this with my commenters' remarks. In this case, though, since you're one of my peers here at FTB, I'm cautious because I want to make sure … [Read more...]

Taxing Churches

 Written by a former minister, and worth a read: In nearly every city in America, there are giant churches sitting on prime real-estate or agricultural land and they pay absolutely nothing in property tax even though they benefit from taxpayer-funded services like roads, law enforcement, schools, and fire protection. In most cities, when churches sponsor evangelical activities, they demand and receive police officer-assisted traffic control and often block off public streets for their … [Read more...]

Earthman’s Journey – Part 7 (of 8)

[ Part 1 — 2 — 3 — 4 — 5 — 6 – 7 — 8 ]The Houses of Man (cont.) As you’ve probably already figured out, there are other steps in this bigger-house progression. At some point we discover the door to yet another Outside, and find that our original family home is only a small part of a bigger place – our neighborhood or culture. For want of a better name, call this dwelling place the House of the Tribe. Again, there’s an uncomfortable period of adaptation in settling-in to this larger space. To b … [Read more...]