Archives for September 12, 2011

Here’s a Church I’d Go To

The New Welcome Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, is WAY more exciting than any church I ever went to! "The mayhem erupted when the Rev. Darryl Riley told minister of music Simone Moore that he was no longer needed and gave him a final paycheck, the Sheriff’s Office reported. "Moore disagreed with the amount of the check and an argument broke out, in which Moore wielded a Taser gun, according to the account given to deputies." The brawl spread among the godly congregation, and the music mi … [Read more...]

Erosion: Chardy At The End of His Life

[This is from a few years back.] It’s spring in the High Sierra, and I’m on vacation from New York. I’ve come back to walk old trails again, trails both of terrain and of memory, and I’m out doing one of my favorite things in the world – taking a dog for a hike out along Convict Creek. My dog-friends Ranger the Valiant Warrior and Tito the Mighty Hunter can’t be with me, but I do have Chardonnay along, a happy-airhead golden retriever. I stopped by to pick him up a short time before, and I was sh … [Read more...]