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Ha. Good One.

Cure Faith lists "7 reasons why becoming an atheist sucks."Best part is here:7. You dumb.You have to admit you were horribly deluded. You might just have to dissect your lost faith inside and out, and maybe start a blog to lure others into the bleak reality you have discovered. What's worse is that all the faithful are exposed as the infected they have always been. Like waking from your stupor amongst the flesh eating zombie hoard, you are not in a better place! … [Read more...]

Name Dropping: Carl Buell Rocks! And I Know Him!

I have a good friend who paints dinosaurs. (And other critters.)This is not "just some guy" who does it in his spare time, but a serious natural history illustrator who has worked for museums all over the world, whose paintings have, just within the past year or so, opened exhibits in Beijing; Paris; Pisa, Italy; and Washington, D.C.He's had illustrations in four of science writer Carl Zimmer's books, including a fantastic cover illustration for a book coming in Fall of 2012. … [Read more...]

Ten Thousand Years of Speed Bumps

I've said many times that the cost of religion is something none of us can estimate. Even those of us willing to come out and say we don't believe it, and perhaps even actively dislike it, usually don't see it as very damaging. But ask yourself, anytime a person gets in the news as opposing some aspect of medical science, who is it likely to be? And what source are they using for their opposition? Right. Religious people, and the Bible. … [Read more...]


I'm writing a piece called "10,000 years of speed bumps," and I accidentally clicked the Publish button midway through it, and then kept writing.So if you were one of the 46 people who apparently read it ... ahem. I have no idea what you read, but it wasn't finished. Pretend you never saw it, and I'll post the completed piece soon. Sorry about that.(I'm just glad I didn't write a piece on Dick Cheney, and accidentally post it before I'd edited out the several dozen f-bombs.)  … [Read more...]

New Design

One of the cool things about WordPress, and CSS, is that the content of a web site is separate from the formatting instructions. Which means you can change the site layout in seconds, simply by dropping in a new format — called a "theme."You're seeing it here in FreeThought Blogs' airy new appearance. The left sidebar has vanished, and a few new things are happening on the right sidebar.One thing to notice is the tabbed boxes in the right column. Comments and Archives now share a box with R … [Read more...]