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Hey, America!Do me a favor, okay?Spell this word right: Atheist. … [Read more...]

The President of Rich Christian White Men

I'm going to make two predictions.First, Rick Perry is going to be the GOP presidential candidate. No question.With that in mind, picture this:Tall handsome Christian conservative "just folks" white guy with ultra-photogenic hair vs. skinny, nappy-headed, big-eared black guy who turned out not to be the savior of the world. … [Read more...]

Farkity Farking Fark

Slightly annoying Fark headline:    If that's too small to read, it says "Columnist attempts to debunk 10 myths about atheists, manages to prove 9 of them are true."Got my back hair up for a minute or so, and I rushed over to read the article.Then I remembered "Oh. Fark headline. It's humor." … [Read more...]

Clint Eastwood: Gays? Marry?

Clint Eastwood wins major Decent Guy points, despite (these days, anyway) being a registered Republican.I googled “Clint Eastwood Quotes” and most of the lists contain movie lines like “Go ahead. Make my day.” and “...You've got to ask yourself one question — Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”... which are not really Clint Eastwood quotes, but script-writer quotes, or movie-character quotes.The REAL stuff is so much better:"These people who are making a big deal out of gay marriage? I d … [Read more...]

When Coyotes Danced

It was hot, the day the coyotes danced.It was about 1990, and I was ranch-sitting at a friend's ranch in Bishop, California. The owner was up in the mountains all summer, but there were cattle at the ranch, and somebody needed to be there to look after them.In this particular case, ranch-sitting was a minimalist job. The cattle were out in a pasture with plenty of water and grass, and cattle don’t need much more than that. Really, all I had to do was walk the pastures once a day and make s … [Read more...]