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Amish Men Saved from Burning in Hell

          … [Read more...]

Conflicted Feelings: Defending Religious Freedom

I'm reading the story below, and it's giving me two distinctly different feelings. US keeps eight nations on religious freedom blacklist … [Read more...]

Taxed to Support Churches

A new article in PoliticusUSA:Hidden Tax: US Families Pay an Extra $1,000 per Year to Support Religion The economic impact on taxpayers is substantial when considering that when churches avoid paying tax, the cost of maintaining roads, police and fire protection, and schools must be made up by everyone else. When the community picks up the tab for a church’s drain on the community, it is a subsidy and in violation of the separation of church and state. It has been estimated that when church a … [Read more...]


   Just out of curiosity ... can anyone tell me why the best female candidates the GOP can offer are Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann?Surely there's an American Margaret Thatcher, a Corazon Aquino or Indira Gandhi? Where is she?But then again, maybe there are thousands of them out there. They're just too smart to jump into the viper pit of current-day GOP politics. … [Read more...]

Atheist Culture

I’m going to wade into a subject I’m totally unqualified to discuss: Culture. But hey, it’s me — Well Meaning Doofus. It’s what I do.I was talking to some Hopi friends in Arizona a while back about Hopi culture. The subject of Native American culture was of great interest to me back when I lived in Flagstaff, possibly because at the time I had so little sense of my own culture. … [Read more...]