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Cop Story

The body lay sprawled under the high school bleachers on a Sunday morning. Time of death, roughly midnight. A teenaged boy. Just some idiot kid.Cause of death? The coroner would have to do some tests, but I was pretty sure I already knew. I could see ashes on his upper lip, and around his nose. Nearby was an upended oil drum, and on the surface some bits of paper and ashes.The kid was a Bible snorter. … [Read more...]

The Enemy

Do you know the really great thing about being a sociopath?The really great thing is that you can knock down a 6-year-old and take his ice cream.And then you have ice cream! Man, what could be better than that? Free ice cream! Wow!Oh, uh ... you think there's something wrong with that? Ah, I see your problem: You’re normal. You have the disadvantage that you think it's wrong to take some kid's ice cream and leave him crying, just because you can. You probably get all bent when you see i … [Read more...]