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Yarrr … Who Be Readin’ Here?

I see from the stats how many people are reading here, but I don't know who and where most of you are.And it would be cool to hear YOUR voices for a change, those of you who have yet to comment (and even those who have).Delurk for a moment and tell me something about you.Besides, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Sure and I'll be puttin' the black spot alongside yer names, ye scallywags, if ye don't speak up hearty! … [Read more...]


Her name was Jean Mullen, but she called herself Green Bean Jean. She played bars in the small California mountain town where I lived at the time, and I first saw her on a night out with some of my mule-packer cowboy friends.She was either skinny and gawky or model-thin and infinitely elegant — it was a time in my earlier life when I was between opinions on women — they might be little girls or alluring goddesses, either one. Eventually, I came down on the side of the goddess.She sat on a tal … [Read more...]

Oh God! Oh God! Followup

Fellow FTB blogger and poet extraordinaire Cuttlefish penned a dynamite piece on the bust of the Phoenix Goddess Temple — and accused bawdy house — I referenced in a previous post. After very thorough searches Of some Arizona churches Cops arrested 20 people whose religion didn’t pass But their reasoning was shoddy Christ demanded, “Eat my body”, Is partaking of a wafer less ridiculous than ass? Go read the whole thing at The Digital Cuttlefish.___________________________Clarification: Cuttle … [Read more...]

Ignorant, hateful, builder of straw men. Wait … me??

"A former 40 year atheist" rips the hell out of my post (and book chapter) Good Without Gods.I was smarting under all this expert flaying until I looked at some of his other posts.Challenge to Atheists: Prove that there is no GodChallenge to EvolutionistsIn this last one, there's a response by the author to a reader comment (emphasis mine): … [Read more...]

Getting here from there

One of the little things you get with the WordPress blogging package is a statistics page that tells you all sorts of little things about how many people are reading your site, what specific articles they're reading, what they clicked on while here, etc. And my favorite, a list of the search terms people used that led them to your site. For instance, if you Google "blue collar atheist," you'll get several links to this blog, but also to stories elsewhere that reference it. In that same vein, … [Read more...]

Oh God! Oh God! Oh GOD!!! By the way, I’m also a cop.

A CHURCH in Sedona, Arizona, has been found, after a lengthy (!) undercover (!) investigation (!) to be a brothel.The jokes just write themselves, don't they? … [Read more...]