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Your Voice, Their Ears — A Thousand Years From Now

Something I think we forget occasionally is that those of us reading here at FTB (and here amidst this fantastic array of writers and thinkers, I’m just as much part of the audience as you) are a community.Yeah, we sit in our separate offices or computer dens, generally in solitude, and some of us are perpetual lurkers (and nothing wrong with that) whereas others gush with  comments. But there’s something real here, something very much “us,” in that we’re gathered for the sharing of ideas and e … [Read more...]

Patriotism, As Understood by Christians

I guess I missed this when it came out in 2005.The Statue of Liberation Through Christ "combines Christianity with patriotism to showcase the origins of God’s design for America."Taking 5 years to build, at a cost of $260,000, and 72 feet tall, this little beauty stands out front of "World Overcomers" church on the corner of Winchester and Kirby Roads in Memphis, TN, cheek-by-jowl with a dry cleaner, jeweler, convenience store, auto service center and auto glass shop."Lady Liberation" r … [Read more...]