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Okay, that's the last time I do that. I thought I'd try posting all eight parts of Grizzly's Gamble at once, but it turns out that wasn't a good idea. The site stats appear to show that a significant number of people are reading part 8 first, which is totally my fault. It IS stacked at the top of the screen, above the other parts. The bad part, from both the readers' and writer's viewpoint, is that it dilutes the impact of the piece. It's like giving away the ending of the movie before … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 8 of 8

Start HERE Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight     This is the Truth: In my hunting days, I was headwaiter at a seafood restaurant in a little resort town in the California’s Eastern Sierra mountains. Hunting season had opened several days before, but I’d had to work every day. This was my last evening shift before I had a couple of days off, and I was ready to go. I had my new Ruger .30-06 rifle with a 7-power scope. I had my pack … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 7 of 8

  Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight Stomping Kittens In America there is a safety-conscious social force backed up by the power of law – and constantly reinforced by frequent and large lawsuits – that decrees that every tiniest hint of danger must be stamped out of every activity. People must be taken care of. Even in the midst of our riskiest pastimes, we do everything possible – which is always considerable – to eliminate the risk. … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 6 of 8

  Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight Technological Man Guns. Fire. Helicopters. Radios. Infrared sights. Light-amplifying night scopes. Binoculars. Poisons. Traps. Electrified fences. Bulldozers. Chainsaws. Fishing nets. Maps. We humans live in a society where we can draw on the accomplishments and assets not only of our own families, not only of our own acquaintances, but the intellectual fruits of literal geniuses for the last ten thousand … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 5 of 8

  Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight Man Plus How often do human beings come in quantities of one? Certainly a lot of us can feel lonely at times, but we do that even when surrounded by scores of our fellows. Actually being completely alone in today’s world is really not that easy to accomplish. It is almost always the result of conscious choice – and great effort and expense – on the part of the camper, hiker, or cyclist, and usually … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 4 of 8

  Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight Diet Ah, now wimpy little Man begins to really come into his own. Wouldn’t you just know that our ancestors, who didn’t seem to be good at much else compared to the other big beasties, would at least be good at eating? In fact, they were, and we are. We humans can eat everything from raw plants to long-rotten meat, and just about anything in between. We have versatile dentition that can cut, crush and … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 3 of 8

  Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight Smell, Hearing and Taste We won’t find any advantages here. Pity poor Man, all domesticated and dumbed down so that his wild senses, if ever he had any good ones, are now blunted and tamed. All the other animals, with their razor-sharp sensory gifts beat us all to hell in this area. Even without the ever-present threat of slinking, silent predators, we seem barely well enough equipped to keep from … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 2 of 8

Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight … Okay, it never happened. I did stand under the streetlight on that lonely highway, right enough. After hours of waiting, I began to study the darkness around me, projecting my fears into it, and as I began to think more and more of things that might lurk out there, I gradually froze into spooked immobility. Though I never saw or heard the merest evidence that anything was out there, I stood locked in place, … [Read more...]

Grizzly’s Gamble — Part 1 of 8


Parts:  One — Two — Three — Four — Five — Six — Seven — Eight [ Preface: ] Life is full of surprises. In my experience, there are two kinds. One is the kind that springs itself on you. The birthday party you weren’t expecting. The mistake on your paycheck that turns out to be an unexpected raise. The skin-crawly spider web that suddenly engulfs your horrified face as you walk through the woods at dusk. The second is the kind you look for. The magnificent vista that … [Read more...]

Short Stack #3

I’ve been joking for years that Christianity is a stolen religion. Christians heisted it from the Jews in the middle of the night, polished off the serial numbers and changed the plates, slapped on a new coat of paint, and now they’re driving it like it was their own. --------------------- What?? You mean ... Jesus wasn’t actually a Christian?? Oh, man. If JESUS wasn’t a Christian, why should I be? … [Read more...]