Archives for October 21, 2011

If You Masturbate, You Are … Fabulous

Goddammit, it's not enough that the world is ending today. Now we have to stop touching ourselves too. Because wanking makes you fabulous.Don't misunderstand me — it's okay to be fabulous. Nothing wrong with it. Some of my best friends are fabulous. There are fabulous clubs right here in my hometown, and I see fabulous people walking around in my own neighborhood. There are fabulous parades and celebrations in major cities all over the world. After generations of being considered second-class c … [Read more...]

The Last, Very Last, End of the World. Seriously. No, Really. This One.

The significance of all the rapture rhetoric from Harold Camping isn't that Camping is ... well, probably pretty far gone into senile dementia.And it isn't that, even as far gone as he is into senile dementia, he can still sound fairly sane, by Christian standards. … [Read more...]

Obama’s Speechwriter … sort of

Ever the optimist, I write letters to people.It's been surprising, over the years, the people who have actually answered back. … [Read more...]