Archives for October 29, 2011

The Horrors of Fall

I have a notoriously sucky sense of direction. I still can't help but point and laugh.Family’s Corn Maze ‘Fun’ Ends In 911 RescueCouple Lost in Apple Orchard Calls 911        … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Prayer

This is probably old-verging-on-ancient. But it's new to me:                    … [Read more...]

Seven Billion Peeps: Thank You Jesus — and Oh, Shit!

[ Still feeling like hell, but I couldn't keep away ... ]Here’s a personal reaction to a recent bit of news:(And look at this BBC Where Do You Fit In? calculator. )When I was born, there were 2.6 billion humans on the planet. Today there are 2.6 TIMES more.  World population is expected to tip over 7 billion in the next few days.Speaking as an environmentalist (someone who cares about the ecosystem of Planet Earth), and a humanist (someone who loves human beings, and wants them to do we … [Read more...]