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Are You Voting for God?

If God were up for re-election:................. … [Read more...]

Book Burning 2011

This Cracked article leaves me ... well, ALMOST speechless. For the past year or so, part of my job has been to walk through library warehouses and destroy tens of thousands of often old and irreplaceable books. Gah. Imagine holding a beautiful, dusty, illustrated volume of Shakespeare printed in the 1700s, a calligraphic message from its long-dead owner inscribed on the inside cover, and throwing it straight in the trash. I've been there, more than once. I could have kept it and maybe gotten a … [Read more...]

Fanboy Says Yes! to Avengers Trailer

I hope I'm not the last person on Earth to see THIS.Oh man, I'm soooo looking forward to the movie.Since about the second Spider-Man movie, I've noticed a sharp uptick in the hits in the superhero genre.Iron Man was just about the best action movie I think I've ever seen, and Captain America was awesomely well done. … [Read more...]

Letters to the Future: Hank Fox

Hello to the people of the year 3011!Hank Fox here, writing in the year 2011 – whew! A thousand years in your past.I’m an unaltered Homo sapiens, the original version of human, with exactly zero enhancements either electronic or genetic. (Well, I do wear glasses – those are optical plastic lenses held in wire frames in front of my eyes, to correct my aging vision.)I’m on Planet Earth, the North American continent, living within the geographical-political unit referred to as the United State … [Read more...]

Hello, Clarice.

I realized some years back that the reason we have heroes in movies is really that there are so few of them. We truly do want unbending honesty, and heroic defenders, and powerful people who fight for truth and justice.But they’re next to impossible to get in real life. Instead we get … George W. Bush. Jesse Jackson. Britney Spears. People who can’t even aspire to be flawed heroes, because though they possess flaws in abundance, they don’t have the required heroism. They’re just people — famous … [Read more...]

Your Voice, Their Ears — A Thousand Years From Now

Something I think we forget occasionally is that those of us reading here at FTB (and here amidst this fantastic array of writers and thinkers, I’m just as much part of the audience as you) are a community.Yeah, we sit in our separate offices or computer dens, generally in solitude, and some of us are perpetual lurkers (and nothing wrong with that) whereas others gush with  comments. But there’s something real here, something very much “us,” in that we’re gathered for the sharing of ideas and e … [Read more...]