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Atheism and Death: Second Request

A book about Atheism and Death could either be a short, very personal exposition of the subject, with huge emotional appeal but limited practical use, or it could be something much larger and more far-reaching. It’s a rather intimidating subject, and right now I’m not sure which I’m able to undertake.So again I’m asking for help.As I relate in the adjacent post First Request, I’d like to know more about how atheists handle the death of loved ones. Not just as ordinary people faced with loss, … [Read more...]

Atheism and Death: First Request

My recent experience with death and dying hit me in two ways:First, as the guy in the middle of it, thinking and feeling it first hand, I’m grappling with ... oh, all kinds of stuff. I still get hit, several times a day, with these waves of mental discord. Something interesting happens and this wordless thought-form pops into my head: “Hey, I should call the Old Man and tell him about ...” followed instantly by this second thought-form that translates into “Oh. I can’t. Ever. ... Shit.”But se … [Read more...]