Yeah? So What Else is New?

Religious Believers Don’t Trust Atheists, Says New Study In other news, the sea is wet, dogs bark, and bears poop in the woods. Love this bit: While atheists may see their disbelief as a private matter on a metaphysical issue, believers may consider atheists’ absence of belief as a public threat ... This following part strikes me as probably a little bit bullshit. If the data is correct, I'll bet they're misinterpreting it. Atheists also tend to trust religious people more than they trust … [Read more...]

Tough Questions for Believers

From an email: Dear Mr Hank Fox, To promote skepticism/critical thinking I wrote some questions for the Christian believer. Mefiante from South African Skeptics made a good translation. She is now working at the last part. The most sophisticated questions. Are you able to put the link to these questions at your blog? Thank you very much, Piet – Rotterdam – Netherlands … [Read more...]

How to Be Wrong — Part 3 of 4


Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 — Part 4 An apology is a social act, an interpersonal transaction. It’s an attempt – in that space between us – to repair something that we’ve broken by some prior act. It can be as simple as a quick “Oops, sorry,” offered to the stranger you bump into in a store, or as complex as an elaborate healing ritual carried out to repair a serious breach between husband and wife. In its fullest form (it seems to me), an apology can be teased out into … [Read more...]

How to Be Wrong — Part 2 of 4


Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 — Part 4 Okay, I know I promised Part 2 would be a look at the nature of an apology. But I’m thinking first I should make a point about WHY you apologize. Why you even admit to making a mistake at all. So: _________________________ Modern-day Conservatives piss me off. For soooo many reasons. But one of the main reasons is that they’re so goddam SURE they’re right about everything. Given the history of conservatism, you’d think they’d have a … [Read more...]

Short Stack #7

If a mouse quits his job, does he have to give two squeaks notice? --------------------- Jeez. Already this morning I had to upgrade the power converters on the warp flux conduits, and install anti-neutrino baffles on the anti-matter plasma feed. Being a star ship engineer is hard. … [Read more...]

Rick … I Wish I Knew How to Quit You

I'm pretty sure this is going viral, so ... first!  (On FTB, anyway.) And in case you miss the joke, Rick Perry appears to be wearing the same jacket as Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. (Understand, this is not making fun of gay cowboys; it's making fun of a "cowboy" who has a visceral dislike of … [Read more...]

How to be Wrong — Part 1 of 4


Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 — Part 4 I’ve been reading PZ Myers’ blog since his first weeks in business, and I’ve disagreed with him, that I can recall, exactly once. It was a very small disagreement, a matter of opinion about a minor subject. (The cloning of pets, to be precise. And I’ll probably be revisiting the subject in a blog post someday soon, so kindly save any replies on that topic.) But more than once, after reading one of PZ’s articles, I’ve come away in such … [Read more...]

Rick Perry Ad and the Atheist Answer

Rick Perry digs the hole deeper, putting himself even farther from the growing mainstream of American thought: And the growing mainstream answers back: ---------------------------- Aaaaand ... then I discover I'm the THIRD FreeThought Blogger (or worse) to toss this little tidbit at you. Heh. … [Read more...]

Short Stack #6

They’re organizing the Fundamentalist Christian Olympics for this coming summer. The Gay Bashing semi-finals are already under way across the nation, and the TV Evangelist Healing Decathlon is just now about to start the preliminaries of the Bible Forehead Slam event. Shortly before Christmas, the Roadside Aborted Fetus Poster Flashing event will begin, with the Planned Parenthood Clinic Sidewalk Blocking Drill Team along for morale. … [Read more...]

Scientists in Church? Ack. Thptpth.

I confess I'm not completely on board with the "let the children decide for themselves what to believe" thing. Yeah, I get it that you have to let kids develop the ability to evaluate the nature of the world on their own. But on matters of fact? Things which are KNOWN, and which you sort of have to accept as part of the real world? Is that about "belief?" And, considering the broader package of stuff — Eternal Torment! The Evilness of Gays! Mistrust of Liberals! Altarboy Diddling! — that … [Read more...]