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ABC’s Freak of the Week

Read this whole post before you click on the link at the end. And then think twice about clicking on the link.Seriously.It's disgusting, disturbing, and I'm including it only to make a point about something I think is even more disgusting and disturbing.No, I don't think this baby is a freak. I think he has a horrifying condition that would put a literal saint in a difficult ethical position, much less ordinary human parents. … [Read more...]

Values … Without God

The Foundation for a Better Life, at, has some TV spots I really like, about human values. The unexpected part is that, as near as I can tell, the purpose of the videos is to introduce viewers to simple lessons about decent behavior ... without at the same time attempting to shove Jesus down your throat. A sample:I couldn't figure out how to embed this one, which I could only find on the original site, but it's pretty good too.Something I said in my book Red Neck Blue Collar … [Read more...]


Something I've been saying for years in private, and will now say again in public, is that I think humans, mostly, are not really very bright. I think we have what I call "fractional intelligence." The rare Einstein or Newton pops up from the great mass of us and does something brilliant, but for the most part, we're intellectual also-rans, riding on the coattails of the smart ones. And even the brightest among us don't shine all the time.Human intelligence is a sort of collaborative effort. I … [Read more...]

How To Be Wrong — Part 4 of 4

Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 — Part 4The most basic fact about an apology is that it’s a social act. Both the mistake that inspires it and the apology itself are carried out on a stage on which more than one person is involved.Meaning: An apology must be given, and it must be received. Which means there is a dynamic between apologizer and apologizee, or mistake-maker and mistake victim (or audience).If we believe, as I think we do, that the maker of a mistake has some sort of social duty … [Read more...]

Is This Tailor-Made for PZ Myers’ Christmas List?

PZ, I know you'd love this. Admit it.Air plant pods. But they look like CEPHALOPODS!  … [Read more...]

Post-Hitch Dumbfuckery

Among many others, I read the piece on about Hitch's death. The comments there and elsewhere have been mainly positive and even reverential, but some crossed over into the nasty.It's their right to say such stuff, certainly. But it's also ... revealing, let's say.These are verbatim, by the way: … [Read more...]