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2012: Cold Fusion, Atheism, and Doubt

One article from Forbes, one from Huffington, suggesting that this year could be either the Year of the Atheist, or the Year of Cold Fusion.Ooh, baby, I favor both!First, Huffington: Brandon G. Withrow, Assistant Professor of History of Christianity, Winebrenner Theological Seminary, weighs in on atheism: … [Read more...]

Enlarge Your Penis! Get Out of Debt!

For reasons I’ve never heard anyone else express, I’m opposed to the death penalty.But I’m not completely against, you know, HURTING certain people. Hey, some of 'em deserve it! For instance: Spammers. If they had a place where you could get one good slap in on a convicted spammer — maybe for $10 or so — I’d show up.(If they had a place where they put people who create computer viruses — and, come to think of it, the entire programming team and Help Desk staff at Norton Antivirus — I’d show u … [Read more...]