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… When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands

A Facebook friend posted a link to this Slate article Free Willy: Should prison inmates have the right to masturbate?I clicked over to it because it sounded funny. Not only did it turn out to be interesting, it touches on (you see what I did there?) a real point of human rights. While you might think of masturbation as a sort of last refuge for the incarcerated—a truly inalienable freedom, given the happy proximity of the sex organs—that is not the case. In fact, a number of state prisons reg … [Read more...]


Sorry, couldn't resist.  … [Read more...]

Help Me Pharyngulate (wait, can I say that?) This Poll

The Christian Coalition of America is ... conducting a nationwide survey of America's politically active Christians so we can show the politicians and the media exactly where we stand on critical issues. [ In case you have trouble connecting, the URL is ][ Also, see Afternote 2/Warning at the end of this post. ]And they want to make sure your voice is included.I say we pitch in. After all, it doesn't say only Christians, and nobody … [Read more...]