… When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands

A Facebook friend posted a link to this Slate article Free Willy: Should prison inmates have the right to masturbate? I clicked over to it because it sounded funny. Not only did it turn out to be interesting, it touches on (you see what I did there?) a real point of human rights. While you might think of masturbation as a sort of last refuge for the incarcerated—a truly inalienable freedom, given the happy proximity of the sex organs—that is not the case. In fact, a number of state prisons … [Read more...]


Sorry, couldn't resist.   … [Read more...]

Help Me Pharyngulate (wait, can I say that?) This Poll

The Christian Coalition of America is ... conducting a nationwide survey of America's politically active Christians so we can show the politicians and the media exactly where we stand on critical issues. [ In case you have trouble connecting, the URL is http://cc.org/webform/2012_american_values_survey ] [ Also, see Afternote 2/Warning at the end of this post. ] And they want to make sure your voice is included. I say we pitch in. After all, it doesn't say only Christians, and nobody … [Read more...]