Archives for January 15, 2012

The Angry Atheist Podcast, With Special Guest: Me

Today Daniel Fincke of Camels With Hammers introduced me to Reap Paden, of ReapSowRadio and The Angry Atheist. With about 15 minutes advanced notice, I was suddenly on the air being interviewed.If you listen past my uhs and y'knows, we have a fairly wide-ranging and β€” I think β€” interesting discussion. Reap's a good interviewer, and someone I'm glad I've met at last. I enjoyed the experience so much, it felt like we talked for only about 15 minutes.Worth a listen: … [Read more...]

Homeopathic Emergency Room

Stay til the bar scene. God, I love British humor. … [Read more...]

Answering John Loftus: Is There an Atheist Community?

John Loftus, of Debunking Christianity, writes: I want to briefly make the case that there is no atheist community. There are only atheist communities. There is likewise no atheist movement. There is only an atheist momentum. Atheists do not even share the same goals. It's a sound point, and I agree with several of his arguments, at least in the sense I believe he's aiming. But it isn't the only point, I don't think. It will take me a bit to explain why: … [Read more...]