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Sikh sect sick over lame Leno lark

India is up in arms over a joke made by Jay Leno. Judge the heinousness of it yourself:httpv:// In the midst of a very mild joke about Romney's summer home, Leno flashed a brief image of the Temple of Amritsar, the "Golden Temple," in the state of Punjab in northern India.  … [Read more...]

Short Stack #9

The next atheist book I write, I'm having it printed on the tanned skins of raptured Christians.--------------------------------Chinese New Year tomorrow! We enter the Year of the Dragon, the year of my birth! Yes, I am a Dragon!And no, I'm not breathing fire just to prove it. … [Read more...]

Get Real: Losing the Love of God

Note for new readers: I lost my Dad, Dan Farris, a few months back. I’ve been thinking a lot about that, and what it’s doing to me. I keep a digital recorder with me all the time, and I record thoughts and impressions about the process and the milestones.Here is one such thought. I relate it for the same reason I wrote my book, Red Neck, Blue Collar, Atheist — we have plenty of books and speakers to tell us about the WHY of atheism, but very few to tell us about the HOW. Yes, getting free of re … [Read more...]

Evil Chic: You Know You Want It

Seriously, this is a good cause: Evil Little Shirts.The proceeds will support a very poised and bright young woman, Jessica Ahlquist, who spearheaded the recent fight to remove the unconstitutional Christian prayer banner from her high school.Ed and PZ say it better than me. But hey, even if you knew nothing else about it, you know you want a shirt that says this:    … [Read more...]

The Ashes of a Cowboy

I'm sitting here waiting for the USPS. My Dad's ashes are coming in the mail today.I was sort of happy-excited about it all morning, but now I'm thinking "Oh, crap. Here comes a solid reminder that I'll never be able to hear his warm voice again, or have him invite me in for a slash of apricot brandy."That welcoming, wise – and yes, sometimes damned annoying – presence is gone from my life. He won't BE THERE for me. Ever again.In case you’ve wondered, after my trip to California that you al … [Read more...]

The Brassican Heresy

Warning: The following post is long, and may contain insults to French people. And Christians. And probably frogs.______________________________I’d like to propose to you a daring hypothesis.You may be surprised by it. You may be stunned. You might even be shocked. Because this is such a daring idea, some of you reading this right now may actually be horrified. There’s even the possibility – distant, but real, so I have to warn you – that one or more people about to read the following hypot … [Read more...]