Archives for February 5, 2012

Church Claims God Heals, Gov’t Heels God Claims

According to a BBC story, Great Britain's Advertising Standards Authority concluded that a certain downloadable leaflet was misleading. Healing on the Streets (HOTS), the group distributing the misleading message, was banned from spreading it.The claim?God can heal you. … [Read more...]

“They Fucking Hate You”

You REALLY might want to read this: Via Balloon Juice, They Fucking Hate You They fucking hate you. They want you, and everyone who speaks for you, and every institution that represents your values, whether it be Planned Parenthood or food banks or ACORN - you name it. They want it destroyed.I just do not understand why more people do not recognize this. The Republicans have declared total war on America, and people are responding like this is politics as usual. It isn’t. It really isn’t. It’s … [Read more...]