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What Will YOU Do When the Angry Voices Come?

One of the most riveting quotes from the Reason Rally stage was this one: I will continue my fight until I die. That was said by author/speaker/activist Taslima Nasrin.Unlike most of us, who might say such things in the naive, comfortable bravado of our safe and secure lives, Nasrin has been under threat of death, under sentence of death by Islamic decree since 1993.In her case, as I mentioned in Rusted Pickup at the Senior Prom, her statement is a fully-conscious admission of the … [Read more...]

Think About This at Easter

One short thought on freedom of religion:If we continue to define “freedom” as the right to believe and spread to others without opposition, all these myths, superstitions, fantastic stories – lies, to put it bluntly – that’s a damned poor freedom, isn’t it?If we redefine it to designate the absolute right of every person, and especially every child, to know true things, that is a VERY different take on freedom.As far as U.S. and broader world culture is concerned, it’s also a freedom we ha … [Read more...]

Happy Easter (from the Church of the Dead Bunny)!

 The above ad, in the spirit of the holiday, is from an actual church. It's one of the rotating banner images from Conway Baptist Church, of Conway, South Carolina.Sometimes you just have to gasp at the galaxy-class lack of awareness (or, just possibly, someone's DEEPLY camouflaged sense of humor). Go take a look now, before church authorities become temporarily sane and realize how incredibly tasteless, in this context, the picture really is.Also, as I suggest in the title to this … [Read more...]