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Doing My Part for the Godless Future

Read Dear Friends, Bloody on the Highway, before you read this.In this followup post, I'd like to ask readers what we're all doing to make that better-time-to-be happen.I hope to raise consciousness among the people who read this ...First, that fellow readers are taking various actions in their own lives. In other words, that you and I, ordinary people, CAN do things that make a difference.Second, that each of us really NEEDS to be doing something to makeĀ  a difference. … [Read more...]

Dear Friends, Bloody on the Highway

As I've said here in the past, I still get emails from old friends in Texas. Some of those people have gotten so goddy over the years that we seem to have nothing at all in common anymore.Every time I get one of these things, it's like waking up in a cold cabin with the fire gone out. I remember how warm it used to be, and some part of me hopes there's still an ember in the coals. Thinks that if I go back to Texas someday and feed it new fuel, the flame of our friendship will burn again. … [Read more...]