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The 30,000

[ This is a reprint of an earlier post, to keep new readers happy while I work on some new ideas. ]Say someone gave you $30,000, in cash, and the deal was, you had to live on it as long as you could. You couldn’t do any other income-producing work in that time, you just had to live on the 30 grand.You’d have to pay all your bills on it, provide for all your daily needs. You’d have no additional money coming in, and all your entertainment needs, your health needs, your travel and leisure needs … [Read more...]

Book Review — Alone in the Universe: Why Our Planet Is Unique (Part 4)

[ I'm reviewing this book because I liked it, but also for a larger reason which will become evident here, and in the weeks ahead. ][ Also, in case you missed it: Part 1 — Part 2  — Part 3 ]Alone in the Universe: Why Our Planet Is Unique by John GribbinWhat’s So Special About Us?When you think about it, just our one solar system alone is evidence of the rarity of our type of life. Out of the presumed trillion or so objects orbiting the Sun (counting the planets, asteroids, the Kuiper Belt … [Read more...]