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13: Blogathan for Secular Student Alliance!

Okay, here's where I shock and dismay many of you. The part where you'll say "I don't agree! My experience is different! You're just wrong!"But I want you to think about this. It's something that's bothered me for years and years, something I think matters — a little detail of compassion that few of us ever think about, but that disturbs me greatly. … [Read more...]

12: Blogathan for Secular Student Alliance!

The End.Except it's not yet 2 p.m. is it? Seems my math, from my original promise to blog from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., was faulty. I figured on 12 posts, but that span of time actually requires 13.While I'm thinking about that, look at this picture. It was taken right here in Upstate New York, near Schenectady. Click to embiggen.  (BTW, there are more Hank Fox photos on my Flickr site.) … [Read more...]

11: Blogathan for Secular Student Alliance!

Non-ReadersI have old friends in Texas who have never read a whole book in their entire lives. I'm not kidding. And it sort of horrifies me, you know?I’m not whacking at them, particularly, but ... the type. … [Read more...]

10: Blogathan for Secular Student Alliance!

Note to a Young AtheistIf you’re on the journey of freethought and you’re “out” about it, in full view of your religious family and peers, it’s likely you’re going to go through a fairly rough road at some point.   … [Read more...]

9: Blogathan for Secular Student Alliance!

Bring Out Your Dead!As you get older, there’s a catalog that starts to form in your head – the roster of your beloved dead.I have Ranger the Valiant Warrior, Tito the Mighty Hunter, my old cowboy friend Tom and now my Dad, Dan Farris. And man, for me that’s a long list. Even one would be too much. … [Read more...]

8: Blogathan for Secular Student Alliance!

Dad and Self WorthI can definitely say that my dad, Dan Farris, helped teach me that I mattered.That each of us individuals matter. No matter what other people say, you’re not nothing. … [Read more...]