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I Will Not Be Weighing In On The Colorado Shooting

I purposely decline to read or watch or listen to "news" stories like this, because they're really little more than the news version of pop music. I like being beaten over the head with them about as much as I like being beaten over the head with the peppy, poppy, insidious, every-15-minutes-on-the-radio notes of "Call Me Maybe." … [Read more...]

Proof: Six Percent of Us Would Kill

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Maverick Blogger Pioneers World’s First Blog Post Reboot!

Seeing the new Batman movie last night, I had this exciting epiphany about blogging.Blogging is enormously demanding of time and energy. You have to turn out a completely new post at least every few days. For some bloggers, it's a new post several times EACH  DAY.But sitting in the theater and looking around at the happy faces, movie-goers content to see yet another Batman movie and plop down $9.50 for the privilege, I thought about reboots. … [Read more...]