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Pain As a Monument to Life

The question always comes up: What do you say to someone who's lost a loved one to death? How do you comfort them? Maybe the only useful answer is that there is no real comfort, and that that's a good thing.A few days ago I found a microcassette tape of my Cowboy Dad talking to me. The tape is nothing special, it’s just him sitting there in his living room talking. Teaching me something ... and that was so HIM.I wish I had more such tapes. I wish I had video. Jeez, I want HIM back. But I … [Read more...]

Beta Culture: Don’t Teach the Controversy (repost)

Thinking about some of the things Beta Culture will entail, I know education has to be an early and definite part of it.I’ll talk about one aspect of that. We secularists have been almost frantically hands-off when it comes to the intersection of religion and children. Something you hear extremely often is the bit about “Well, let’s give them both sides and let them make up their own minds.”I’ll tell you where I think that comes from. It comes from fear of being wrong. Of telling kids wro … [Read more...]

Can’t … Resist … Dazzling … Original … Nature … Song

You're gonna love this. Just relax and let it ... enter your mind.Yes, this is what foxes really sound like. … [Read more...]

Beta Culture: Self Defense in the Age of Fuck You

Say there was this place you could live. Call it FairWorld. It would be a place where businesses and government officials dealt with you honestly and fairly. Where nobody would think of lying to you, and where every deal was transparent and open, with no unpleasant surprises built into it, so you’d know exactly what you were getting, what you were paying for, what you were agreeing to. Where you were neither lied to nor manipulated by business, but dealt with as a partner and an e … [Read more...]