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Beta Culture: Signs in the Heav … uh, News

I keep seeing news stories -- a LOT of them -- that spark this thought: Hey, that fits right in with the Beta Culture idea!By which I mean it makes me think the time is ripe for creating a novel, independent, reason-based culture.Here: Majority of Americans want a third party Self-identified Democrats and Republicans were equally likely to see the need for a third party—49% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans said they saw the need for a third party—but a full 71% of Independents supp … [Read more...]

The World Is Ending. Michele Bachmann Says So.

I love this quote from the Daily Kos story: Rep. Michele Bachmann is a member of Congress. She's one of the people currently celebrating the shutdown of the American government as being a fine thing. She is on—and I am not making this up—the House Intelligence Committee. This is a person who gained so much respect in her home district, where people KNOW her, that she has been repeatedly elected to public office -- first the Minnesota state senate, later the U.S. House of Representatives -- sin … [Read more...]

If All Your Friends Jumped Off a Bridge … (repost)

A phrase popped into my head yesterday while I was thinking about something completely different, and I’d like to toss it at you: “challenge food.”A challenge food is that stuff you’re expected to eat, not because it’s good, not because it’s something you would normally like, but to prove to your friends that you’re tough. Or daring. Or ... willing to go along with the joke.How many times have you heard people rave about chili hot enough to bring tears to your eyes? Or read some story abo … [Read more...]

Beta Culture: Listing of Posts

I'm due at a meeting of a new social group here in Schenectady, "The Sunday Alternative," a Freethinkers Meetup group.At a casual glance, it's something along the lines of the "atheist churches" that seem to be springing up, with the reservation that the people involved here are not necessarily all atheists, and probably nobody involved likes to think what we're doing is "church."But it's something new, it's somebody actually doing something, it's practically within walking distance of … [Read more...]