The Power of Her Sex

God gave woman the power of sex.

—Edwin Louis Cole


One of the greatest powers a woman has is the power of her sex.  Few women realize the power of their sexuality and those who do often abuse that power.  I suspect that power itself can be a bit frightening to younger women or to women who have had unhealthy experiences.  I can only imagine the rush a young, beautiful woman gets when she is able to “open doors with just a smile” or cause men to do stupid things just by walking in a room.

A woman’s sexual power is strongest before she has sex with a man for the first time and she is at the apex of her sexual power just before a man first engages in sex with her. Literally, a man will say or do almost anything when in the throes of passion for the first time with a woman, especially to achieve the goal of mating with her.  Many women appear to discard that power cavalierly without much forethought.

What does this power look like?  Consider how long it takes when a man stands in the middle of the street before cars stop and let him cross compared to a pretty young woman.  You can almost see smoking brake pads and smell burning asbestos the second she puts a dainty toe in the crosswalk as the cars come to a screeching, sudden halt.  But women tend to lose their sexual power as they age.  For example a middle-aged, overweight woman standing in the middle of the road does not stop traffic quite as quickly as a young attractive one does, but probably still faster than with a man.  That proclivity is apparent with both male and female drivers.  A young woman’s sexual power is effective with both sexes.  As C. S. Lewis wrote, “The beauty of the female is the root of joy to the female as well to the male . . .”   Advertisers know that and use partially clad images of young women to sell products to both men and women (look at the cosmetic advertisements or women’s magazine covers and even Facebook frequently uses a photo of an attractive young woman regardless of the product being sold).

This power manifests itself in a number of other ways as well.  For example, there’re not more than a couple of males on the face of the earth that I would hoist a big screen TV set up a flight of stairs for, but there are probably not many women that I wouldn’t gladly do it for if they asked me.  Not because I would want to have physical sex with all those women, I am just genetically predisposed as a male to want to serve the fairer sex.  Likewise, what wife can’t get her husband to do almost anything for her just with the hint of a night of passion?

Even elderly women have some power just by virtue of their gender.  Nearly all males will stop and help a woman in distress regardless of her age or physical appearance.  God placed the innate desire or compunction in males to protect and help females–although, we have nearly bred (or bled) that trait out of young men today.

Men have sexual power too, although it does not appear to be near as potent as a woman’s.  While a woman’s sexual power declines with age, a man’s appears to increase—at least in the area of marriage.  Or as social scientists and economists phrase it, “A woman’s value on the marriage market tends to depreciate with time, while her husband’s tends to appreciate.”  Because women are often attracted to security (power and monetary status) even men who are older or physically unattractive can maintain their sexual power.

But a male’s sexual power (outside of relationships) also declines with age.  As their sexual power wanes with age, a man does not command the attention of young women.  This can create problems.  Men wonder, Can I still attract a younger woman—or any woman?  We hear about mid-life crisis in men, which might just be a man becoming frightened that he can no longer attract young women.  He no longer commands sexual attention.  If he cannot attract women, he is unable to mate—the biological directive, the age old compulsion to procreate–and thus his life is worthless and he is no longer necessary.  Combine this with the fact that his physical power and strength are fading as he ages and a man can be tempted to prove if he still has “it.”

Without that overwhelming craving to procreate, women seem to understand their sexuality better and be more content when they lose their sexual power.  Perhaps it’s even a relief not having to carry the burden of that sexual power around with them anymore.  I’ve heard of women who lose their husband to divorce or death at middle age and remain celibate, not desiring or missing physical relations the rest of their life.  However, I know of no men who do not still have urges despite their age or circumstances.  They may not even be physically able to perform but the yearning is still prevalent.

That is the power of a woman’s sex.


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  • Karen

    This is a giant pile of dung. A young woman’s alleged power comes entirely from the reaction men have to her; it is NOT something she can use on her own. It is not real power if a person can’t exercise it independently of other people.

  • Karl

    The power of a woman comes from creating stimulation, one of pleasure.
    Naturally if there is no perception of pleasure the power is diminished, or
    ineffective. Humans are constant pleasure seekers in all manors and forms; it
    is part of our survival mechanism. Power does not exist independently unless it
    is applied to you. Real power comes from your effect on others, and your environment. Sex is not the only form of pleasure, but it IS the most powerful.

    I liked this article, and found it quite accurate.

  • Lucy

    I have to disagree. The older I get the more powerful I am. I believe the whole virgin thing is more to do with a man holding power over a woman than vise versa. The more experiance a woman has the more confidence & therefore the more power she has to use. In my teens & early 20s no people didn’t stop to let me cross the street. They do now, not because they sense my sexuality, but becuase they sense my confidence.

    As for the older women you have met that happily go without sex. Many reasons. Hormones play a major role in how we feel, something as little as the contraception she uses can affect her sex drive. (I do don’t use the pill because it kills my sex drive, something I wasn’t warned about when I was given it) Also after a lifetime of pleasing men & receiving none in return will put a gal off sex. (I have talked to too many women, particularly of the older generation) who have had selfish, losey lovers/husbands. Sex without being aroused HURTS. A LOT. FACT.
    Many women are given pain not pleasure or that their partners climax is more important than her own. They are made to feel they have to live that way to be a good girlfriend/wife. Even now I have to remind my husband about foreplay occasionally.
    Sex can be used as a power trip by men (rape is rarely to do with sex, but to do with power) so in return some women associate sex with being overpowered emotionally &/or physically. Celibacy can bring some women the empowermen they did not have while in a relationship. That has nothing to do with diminished sexual power. More to do with healing.

    Interesting the only person to find your article accurate is another guy.