A Contract for Men

I believe that men were created to live lives of significance. I believe men are born with the magnificent ability to lift up the lives of those around him. I believe authentic masculinity can make a difference in the world. Because I believe that, I agree to abide by and live my life by the following code and to inspire those who follow in my footsteps to join me:


A man is not passive—he takes initiative.

A man uses his God-given influence to serve others.

A man defends those who are weaker than he—he stands for what is right, not popular.

A man protects and provides for his family.

A man bases his decisions on principles not emotions.

A man is a spiritual leader of his family.

A man protects all women and children.

A man teaches those under his influence what he has learned.

A man does not quit—no matter how tough things get.

A man is patient, affirming, kind, and loving to his family.

A man is accountable to God and other men.


Signed______________________________ Date____________


To find out more about Rick’s book on masculinity titled, The Power of a Man: Using Your Influence as a Man of Character, go to www.betterdads.net

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