Just Say… Yes

I’ve never met an empty-nester who reflected back on his or her life and concluded, “I think I spent too much time with my kids!”

It’s never happened. I don’t think these parents exist.

My daughter Ashley came up to me 90 minutes ago and asked me, “Dad, can we hang out?”

Ashley is 15-years-old and always swamped with school work, activities and friends. She happened to have an hour this afternoon, so she decided to see if Dad was up for something.

It was one of those moments where I probably could have understandably said, “Sorry Ashley, I wish I could; but I have waaaaaaaay too much work to do.” It wouldn’t have been a fib. I’m so swamped right now I can barely breathe. The girls have plans tonight, so I’m probably going to work straight through the evening.

But did I really not have just an hour for coffee, a Jamba Juice… something? Jamba Juice is only 6 minutes from my house!

I shoved my stuff aside and just said, “Yes.”

A few years ago I was preparing a workshop and my son came in and asked me if I’d play X-box with him. I said, “Sorry Alec, I wish I could, but I really have to work.” He went away sad.

Define irony: I was prepping for teaching a parent workshop.

The moment still haunts me.

Work can wait. Just say, “Yes!”

Today Ashley and I split a Jamba Juice and then walked around DSW shoes looking at some flip flops and other shoes she liked. We laughed and talked for almost an hour. When I arrived back, I had been gone from my desk a total of 53 minutes.

Now I’m back to work.

Your to-do-list can always wait 53 minutes more.

Just say, “Yes!”



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