Becoming a Co Creator

This week a dream came true for me. My book, Resurrecting Venus, was published by AMI and Hay House. My journey to publication reinforced my understanding (albeit limited) and awe of the Divine. It was a co-creation rife with constant reminders that I am not my creator, I am participating in creation.

Resurrecting Venus is the product of a lifetime of  soul-crushing challenges and “impossible” successes. I’ve learned that the great strength of our feminine essence can transform misery into magnificence and I wanted to share this wisdom with the world. First, I wrote my memoir. It is a very compelling story and people loved it but, agents said that without a preexisting following it would be very hard to sell to publishers.

Instead of waiting for a publisher to pick me, I chose myself—something I encourage my clients to do. I started a blog and began sharing the wisdom and power of feminine grace and good sense. My writings resonated with many people and soon my blog was picked up by readers and sites around the world. I was enthused and really enjoyed the connection it created with my readers. At the same time, I was taking courses on prayer, meditation, ancient wisdom and manifestation at USTLA (Agape Int’l Spiritual Center). I saw a practitioner there weekly and I deepened my understanding of our ability to claim a friendly universe and co-create with it.

Around that time I wrote a very popular blog post called, Resurrecting Venus. It was inspired by my life experiences as well as my female coaching clients. In the article, I introduced the idea that the cause of many of the upsets and maladies women experience today is derived from suppressing their feminine essence. I found studies and an endless supply clients to support this conclusion.

In sum, as women lock away their need for intimacy, self-care, compassion, cooperation, kindness, joy and creative expression, their feminine essence festers until it lashes out in a negative way, appearing as physical, emotional, financial and relationship distress. I began to receive emails from around the world asking me to discuss specific aspects of expressing our feminine energy at home, work, in love and in ourselves. Many women wanted to know how they could trade in a life of being all things to all people, for the  joyful experience of creating their heart’s desires. I knew I could answer these questions. My whole life had prepared me for it.

I created a vision board and set a rough foundation for the book. Much was still unclear and I recalled the challenge of getting an agent’s or publisher’s attention as a first time author.  On top of that there was really only one publisher in the whole world that I was drawn to:  Hay House. They represented the pinnacle of everything I wanted. They were a perfect match and nearly unapproachable without an agent. The idea of soliciting agents was not the most appealing prospect, but I could see no other way. I began strategize about how I would get an agent and get connected to people at Hay House. I’d take some of their classes, attend their events, write their authors, and find a window to go through. I’d write a query letter and do a mailing to agents (I wrote a couple of queries that so called “squirrels” on an internet forum tore to shreds).

I asked the Universe to support me and to see my plan through. I’ve since learned the ridiculousness and limitations of this approach. My little mind is no match for the Divine. I remind myself daily.

The following week I received a phone call from the CEO of Agape Media Int’l. He’d seen my blog on the Blog Catalog website and asked me if I’d ever heard of Agape.  Had I ever heard of Agape?  I’d taken classes there for years, the CEO’s office was literally across the hall from my practitioner’s office, I’d even attended classes with the CEO, and been in the same room with him at least 50 times. He went on to ask whether I’d be interested in publishing a book with AMI in partnership with Hay House. HAY HOUSE!

Over the course of the next two years, my every plan went awry and something better emerged and replaced it. Things really became wonderful when I stopped trying to control the unfoldment of the Universe.

I’ve learned that it’s important to know where you’d like to go and plans are useful in channeling our actions, but we must be absolutely open to having our steps ordered and reordered by the power that causes our hearts to beat. There is great love, wisdom, and knowing all around us and it far exceeds our comprehension. Show up. Do your best. Let the Universe take care of the rest.

I am very proud to share this co-creation with you. Now it’s your turn.

Cheers to Resurrecting Venus

If you’re a women who’s ready to call forth and embrace the life you were created to live, read Resurrecting Venus. It will reconnect you to your feminine center and your innate power to create the love, abundance, success, and true beauty that you deserve.

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