21 day fast from negative self-judgment and criticism

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July 1st is here and so is an incredible opportunity. Whether the summer sun is shining where you are, or the winter snow is falling, you need this. This challenge holds the power to meaningfully and materially change your life.

From July 1st-21st, friends from every corner of world are making the commitment to refrain from negative self-judgment and criticism. Everyone I know seems to be doing some sort of dietary fast or a cleanse. I’ve done a few myself, but if I could only do one fast ever again it would be this one, hands down.

You see, whatever is happening in your relationships, finances, health, and emotions is rooted in the dominant tone of your thinking about you. You set this tone, consciously or automatically.

For the next three weeks, we are going to walk the path of healthier thinking and self-talk. You’ll get to choose and change your patterns so that you can create the experiences you want. Want better relationships? More appreciation? Opportunities? Would you like to just feel better inside? It all stems from your thinking and the way you treat yourself.

The process is simple, notice self-harming thoughts, release and replace them, but it’s not easy. It requires perseverance and that’s where most of us get into trouble. We lose our motivation or something upsets us and we fall back into old patterns. This is why I do this challenge a few times a year online. It allows us to rely on each other for motivation and support. We are stronger and more powerful together.

You’ve got nothing to lose and the whole world to gain. Join me.

All you have to do to participate is keep a notebook, read these posts, and follow along on Facebook (www.facebook.com/Lifeblog). I’ll share techniques for changing the way you treat yourself and I’ll be checking all comments and encouraging you to get back up if (when) you fall.

Your first action of this 21 day challenge is this:


In your journal WRITE DOWN your commitment to make conscious effort to end all negative self-judgment and criticism. Seriously, write it down. Copy the following, or say it in your own words:

“I __Your Name__commit to ceasing and releasing all negative self-talk and critical thoughts about me for the next 21 days, starting today July 1, 2013.”

Habitual negative thoughts about your are not truths; they are harmful habits. Think of every thought as an affirmation. Begin to notice what you are affirming. When you observe yourself making negative affirmations, be proud of yourself for increasing your awareness, choose a better thought (or answer this: What would I love to be, do, have right now?) and give yourself an emotional hug because you’re improving.

It takes 21 days to wire a new habit. We’ll spend the next three weeks creating new healthy and life-affirming habits.

Bon Voyage!

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