Three Powerful Prayers

New situations involving a leap outside of my comfort zone can shake me when I’m not paying attention. After years of being caught off guard, I’ve learned to stay conscious and connected. I return to three simple and sacred prayers that right me every single time.

Prayer isn’t about asking a changeless God to do something different. God’s doing what it’s been doing for eternity. We must bring ourselves into alignment with our timeless Creator’s unceasing love.

Before you read on, know that although these words hail from the Bible, equivalent ideas are present in all spiritual teachings; they are universal.

Three Powerful Prayers:

1) “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” This prayer quiets all my worries and concerns. I do my best, surrender and trust the power that beats my heart and spins the planets.

2) “Thy will be done.” This prayer demonstrates the wisdom of knowing that the mind/ego has no idea what outcome or thing is for my highest good. Minds know wants and emotional reactions. I trust that the Universe is friendly and Spirit (God, Source etc.) is Loving. I accept what is and allow Spirit’s omniscience to be my guide.

3) “I can of mine own self do nothing . . . he doeth the works.” This prayer is my ego’s antidote. Whatever gifts I deliver to the world are not mine to take credit for, I am the fortunate conduit, not the Source. This prayer keeps me grounded, humble and grateful. It also takes all of the pressure out of daunting tasks (public speaking, TV work, etc) because I am not relying on myself to succeed. I am an open channel, a willing conduit of what is seeking to express through me.

Before I step out into the world, I pray these three sacred prayers. My world within is infinitely better as a result.

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Peace and love to you.

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