A True Gift

Wherever you are, whatever you practice, take a moment to appreciate everything that matters to you. Let nothing be off limits or judged as more or less worthy of appreciation. This is your life and you are a unique individual whose greatness is revealed by self-acceptance. Today, give thanks for all you’ve done well, all [Read More...]

Living life based on predictions?

I don’t believe in living life based on predictions; I know that at every moment we possess the power to influence and change the trajectory of our health, finances, relationships and careers, essentially our entire lives. But I am fascinated by the wisdom found in the many forms of energy interpretation. Recently, I’ve seen the [Read More...]

What is most important: courage, confidence, or determination?

How many times have you wanted to do something new, or take a risk, and instead of stepping up and attempting to do it, you stepped back and wished that you were more confident? Is there something in your life that you really want, but you’re waiting to have the confidence to go for it? [Read More...]

8 Steps to Connect with Your Intuition and Clean Your Inner House

You are intuitive, whether you realize it or not. There’s a higher knowing within you. It’s always there and available to support you. It may communicate or express itself as a feeling, a vision, a voice, or a simple knowing.The challenge for most people is in recognizing their intuition and distinguishing between it, the ego, [Read More...]

How to handle life after loss

We all endure losses, big and small, some more intense than others, and some of us experience more than others, but we all go through it sooner or later. For me the experience of loss and grief is what I would imagine being dropped out of a plane into the middle of a seemingly endless [Read More...]

Get off of this life-destroying ride

Most of us move through life carrying a dossier of beliefs taken from the past and, to greater and lesser degrees, bearing no truth.  The falsity of the beliefs is irrelevant because what we call true is true for us. Like a virus, erroneous beliefs spread to the minds of others where they multiply, magnify and circulate.  [Read More...]

Your Life’s Purpose

“What is my purpose?” “Why am I here?” Having grappled with these questions myself and helped many people discover their unique answers too, I know how fundamental this question is to living fulfilling, happy, and genuinely successful lives.  The purpose of your life is to express your unique strengths, gifts, talents, and creativity, in a [Read More...]

It’s time to set yourself free. Forgive.

This week, I’ve received a plethora of questions about forgiveness. People have asked: What is forgiveness? Why should I forgive? Doesn’t it let the other person off? What’s in it for me? How do I forgive? and the biggie: How can I forgive myself? Forgiveness is a vital part of living your best life. Without [Read More...]

Understanding the the Law of Attraction

I can’t sit by and watch another person judge and beat themselves up for not being positive or high-vibration enough to avoid attracting unwanted events. It’s nonsense and it drives me nuts. “After 5 years of practicing the law of attraction, I’ve lost everything (my job, my dog, my dad, my health). I’m angry and [Read More...]

Have regrets? Here’s how to release them.

Regret is the feeling we experience when we look at a past event that didn’t turn out the way we wanted and wish we had made different choices or we look at our life and wish we had pursued a different (career, romantic, personal, etc.) path. One is specific to a situation and the other [Read More...]