I’m Not A Doctor, But I Play One In The Senate

All across the country right now politicians are legislating health care willy-nilly. From the semi-reasonable to the patently absurd, many of these bills have some seriously twisted and harmful ideas about women’s health. Soraya Chemaly has an excellent post on HuffPo discussing this recent spate of legislation.

"Boy, it's crazy to think we used to settle questions of paternity by dunking a woman in water until she admitted she made it all up." - Dr. Leo Spaceman, 30 Rock

Doctors have to take an oath to protect the health of their patients. Politicians aren’t bound by the Hippocratic oath of “First, do no harm.” Most politicians haven’t gone to med school, and they aren’t licensed to practice medicine and dispense medical advice. But they can still impact your health care with their uninformed opinions that carry no consequences for their lives.

See the problem?

What is the solution to this? Do we make politicians liable for medical malpractice? Do we require physicians sponsor medical-related bills, for which they could be liable for medical malpractice? Do we make the government itself liable for medical malpractice? Do we wait for people to die from ignorant legislation before we take action? Do we require a written statement from the Surgeon General’s office be read regarding any health-related bills before a vote is taken? Do we require a full medical disclosure of all the medical complications that could result from proposed legislation to be read before the bill is voted on?

So if an otherwise healthy woman is forced to carry a stillborn fetus to term, contracts gangrene and is forced to have a hysterectomy, thereby losing her chance to become pregnant again, should she be able to sue the politicians who introduced and voted in favor of the bill that prevented her from safely aborting the dead fetus?



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  • Klynn0216

    i just want to interject here for a moment…

    “Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability.” a dead fetus is not viable, therefore you cannot “abort” it. since you cannot “abort” a dead, non-viable fetus, it is not an abortion. a ban on abortion would not affect those women. also, the general rule is the mother before the baby. meaning, in a medically necessary situation, a mothers life is set higher than the fetus and she will be saved before the baby and instead of the baby (though the baby would certainly have every effort put forth to save it.) this, however, is in MEDICAL situations, not social…not being able to take care of it, having things you wanna do before having a family, immaturity, etc. are NOT medical issues, theyre social. just thought id give that quick little tid bit.

    that being i would never choose abortion for myself and i do think theres much better alternatives…not having sex, using protection, and, in the event of pregnancy, adoption. BUT i look at it as you cant FORCE me to kill my baby, so why should i force you to keep it? i dont think its right, but its not my decision.

    on a more relative note, i agree that government needs to stay out of the medical lives of people. what happens or doesnt happen between my doctor and me is between us. the government shouldnt be able to tell me i must have birth control or i cant have this test before i get that test and they DEFINITELY shouldnt be able to tell me i can only have a test every 3 years or my insurance wont pay for it. i can see them regulating medicaid and medicare as such since the government is the one paying in those cases, but if im paying for insurance through a PRIVATE insurance company, im doing so because i dont want the government in my health care decisions. thats why its called PRIVATE, not PUBLIC. just saying.

    • http://www.patheos.com Star Foster

       You are considering abortion as a verb related to a specific state of being, rather than a procedure. Legislation can ban the medical procedure regardless of the circumstances in which it is used.

    • Anonymous

      “a mothers life is set higher than the fetus”

      But even in a few of the way over-the-top ridiculous legislatures that have been proposed, even that would not be the case. Life threatening, rape, incest, still means the woman is forced to remain pregnant.

  • g75401

    You want the government in health care, trust me. Before the Flexner report of 1890, there was very few qualifications of what constituted valid medical education. The Flexner Report resulted in 90% of medical schools in the US, at the time, closing. You want the government in medicine. The government assures that I graduated from school. The government assures I passed a test to get my license. The government assures I maintain standards in order to keep my license and that I’m not a criminal or addicted to psychoactive substances. I have had friends and colleagues lose their licenses for addiction, as they should have. As for abortion, the issue is never as simple as the media portrays it. There are types of birth defects that lead to dead babies but not dead fetuses and the mother would never go into labor and give birth to those fetuses. Those women deserve access to safe abortion services. There are birth defects that lead to babies doomed to suffer and die and, if the mother cannot deal with the pain or seeing the baby suffer and die, she should have access to safe abortion services. There are women not in a financial place to care for a baby-even the act of giving birth to it. All of these women deserve a place to have an abortion safely. The right-wing would have you believe a majority of women are having abortions simply because they are not disciplined enough to take a birth control pill (although the right-wing would like the birth control pill to disappear as well). The argument of “getting the government out of healthcare” cedes the result to the right-wing, who has no real problem with using government to control undesirable behavior of all types.

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