The Contraception Issue Turned Upside-Down Cake

Three silhouettes depicting the outlines of a normal sized (left), overweight (middle), and obese person (right). Image by Victovoi via Wikipedia. Public domain.

Hypothetical situation:

I work for a Greek polytheist.

My boss believes in moderation in all things.

My boss refuses to cover any weight-related medical condition through my insurance because they believe it is a result of my immorality.

If I was moral according to my boss’ definition, then I would not be overweight.

My boss chooses to make a religious exemption on my insurance for any procedure or treatment that might be related to my weight.


Is this legal?

How is this different from the contraception fight?

Could Muslim employers deny treatment for any procedure or treatment that might be related to alcohol consumption?

Could Jewish employers choose to exempt an emergency room visit for food poisoning because you ate some bad ham?


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