Colorado Poets Slam Pat Robertson

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Polytheistic Wiccan initiated into the Ravenwood tradition, she has many opinions. Some of them are actually useful.

  • Nicole Youngman


  • Troy Gavazzi

    I hate “Poetry Slams”, except for this one.

  • WhiteBirch


  • jerry lynch

    I work at a local Christian TV station and lobbied to get his show off our schedule. The resistance was both quick and intense…until I let them see my collection of nearly twenty clips of outrageous statements and later apologies. But not for all.
    And this compilation took two weeks of programming: that was the staggering fact which shifted opinion. He so routinely makes unbiblical and rash pronouncements there is rarely a show where he is not pandering to a specific social and political group: right wing affluent whites, who happen to be so-called Christians.

  • Kilmrnock

    i have to agree ……………..WOW friikin A girls

  • Jacki429

    I happen to be a very committed Christian, but I agree that Pat Robertson is 3 french fries short of a happy meal and an embarrassment to the church.  On behalf of the true church of Jesus, I apologize for the hateful way that others are spoken of and treated by this confused man.

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