Druid Thoughts: Once Upon a Time

Tell me a story
Of who we are
Land we sprang from
Of grandparents.
Tell me the hope
That shapes your path
Dreams you nourish
Crazy aspirations.
Tell me also of failure
Disappointment, regret
The frail humanity
We have in common.
Tell me funny tales
Of mad cats, moose,
Humorous accident
Strange juxtapositions.
Tell me tales of tomorrow
The future we build
With cunning, courage
And happy endings.

Tell me the stories
Of who we are,
So I can share them
When I tell my own.

This is part of my Druidic poetry collection, Lost Bards and Dreamers. The whole collection is available as a free ebook download from www.druidlife.wordpress.com/books.

Or if you would like the print version (small cost for that, sorry!) then potter across to http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/NimueBrown.

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