The Busy Witch: Magic on the Move

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and while I’ve always had a bit of wanderlust, my travels this spring have been different than any I’ve ever undertaken before: I’ve been traveling to promote my books. It’s been heady, amazing, overwhelming work, and I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to learn what it feels like to live as an author rather than a writer.

As anyone who works magic knows, there’s power in naming, and the difference between two seeming synonyms can be vast indeed.

10376858_776017179098796_5717262519682265168_nMy travels have taken me to New York, a city I’ve always loved, and back to my childhood home of Michigan, as well. I’ve learned what it’s like to sign books at bookstores, speak at conferences, and ride the rush of overwhelming joy and enthusiasm at teen book festivals.

And now, I’m about to make a very different kind of magic. I’m going back to school.

I’ll be spending the summer immersed in an intense, academic program focused on writing for children and teens. Although my nonfiction work (such as this column, and my recent book from Weiser) tends to be geared at an older crowd, my fiction predominately focuses on younger audiences, and I am so grateful for this chance to deepen my understanding of the craft.

Because I’m going to be making a different kind of magic this summer, I’m taking a brief hiatus from this blog, but I’ll return in August with more of The Busy Witch. Until then, you can always check out my older posts, and keep in touch with me via social media.

I’ll be back in August, with stories to tell and magic to share, but until then, keep weaving words, crafting magic, and looking for the unexpected in everyday.

Bright blessings and Namaste!

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