About Erick DuPree

Erick DuPree is a writer, teacher, earth activist, and lover of Goddess as a vessel of healing, His studies in magic include working within a Reclaiming Collective, Soul Work with T. Thorn Coyle, Tantra with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Occult Magick with Ivo Domingues, Jr. and Dharma Paganism with Yeshe Rabbit Matthews.

As author, Erick is most known for Alone in Her Presence, a blog - turned book - turned column, now hosted on Patheos.com where he writes about knowing Goddess as the Healing Vessel. He is author of Alone In Her Presence: Meditations on the Goddess, Weaving Moonlight: Lunar Mysteries, Meditations and Magic for the Soul, and the forthcoming anthology, Finding Masculine in Goddess' Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess, by Immanion Press. He is currently working on his next title, The Healing Vessel: An Earth Goddess Devotional, by Circle Within Press (2015).

Learn more about Erick at www.erickdupree.com

Alone In Her Presence: Halloween – Inviting the Secular


Personally, I like my Halloween with green faced ‘witches’ and candy corn, trick or treating, and carved pumpkins. Oh, how I love candy corn and a jack-o-lantern! Sure, some of those items have folkloric history in pagan-based cultures, but I want to bob apples and throw lavish parties while eating candy corn till my stomach hurts. [Read more...]

Alone In Her Presence: Harvesting Under the Blood Moon

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is rising today, and this lunar eclipse, like Earth’s changing season, is an example of how the universe can perfectly align. Let us embrace this powerful moment to create practices and set intentions. [Read more...]

Alone In Her Presence: The Goddess Is In The Dirt


For years, I heard the Christian expression to ‘lean on God’ in times of struggle, strife, and turmoil. But for many, and for centuries, that God isn’t or wasn’t an option. What if there was another option? What if we leaned on Earth and instead of the cup of salvation that Christianity offers, we sought to nurture the healing vessel of a Earth Mother? [Read more...]

Alone In Her Presence: Choosing Love Over Fear


When I speak of love, it is not abstract, and it is not romantic or romanticized. It is action that is holy. [Read more...]

Alone In Her Presence: Embodied Living, Tantra and I?


Tantra is the magic of transformation. It is the magic of bringing self into alignment and aligning our hearts with the Goddess as both the Immanent love that flows in, among, and around us, and also the transcendent exalted from which all blessings flow. [Read more...]

Alone In Her Presence: On Death – Riding Shakti’s Great Exhale

©2014 Marie White - Mary-el Tarot

Death kindly seems to be stopping everywhere I look these days, in the faces of those whom I adore and care for, and in the hearts and minds of many within the world: death of loved ones, death of relationships, and even the death of nations. Perhaps Earth herself? Whether by choice or happenstance, death is stopping to remind us of Her part in the ebb and flow. Do you resist her invitation? How does the person practicing alone grow from the experience of death? [Read more...]

Alone In Her Presence: Earth’s Saving Message

© 2014 Norm Halm

As I lean into the invitation of Earth’s promise to renew, there is a certainty that now is the hour to commit to Earth with a saving message. I choose to enter covenant with Earth as Mother Goddess and nurture her as the life giver. [Read more...]