Whenever my kids and I see 11:11, whether from the time on the clock, a license plate or a price that shows up on a cash register we always make a wish. Some people look at us strangely when we exclaim out loud, “11:11, quick, make a wish!” but I have seen more people join in on the wishing than continue with the odd looks. Just recently a lady in her 80s came up to me after we began a public display of wishing and inquired what was so special with 11:11. I looked back at her perplexed. Why was 11:11 so magical that it got its own wish and how did this happen?


Many numerologists believe that 11:11 is a symbol of new beginnings. Author Doreen Virtue writes that a sequence of 1s means that we need to monitor our thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. It is thought that the sequence of one’s is a gateway to opportunity and speeds up the manifesting process. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb and at that moment, the snapshot of your thoughts are manifested from that seed of wish to form.


So, are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? When you stand over your birthday cake thinking of what to wish for, do you instead worry that you aren’t worthy, or worry that your wish won’t come true? Or do you just wish? If you are having problems believing yourself worthy of your wishes ask your angels to help you in controlling or monitoring your thoughts so that you aren’t wishing for what you don’t want instead of what you do. Many believe that the sequence of 11:11 has extra energy behind it and can help open doors quicker and more effectively than any other time. If you don’t seek, you won’t find. If you don’t knock, the door(s) will remain closed. If you don’t walk through the door, you’ll remain stuck in one place.


So next time you see 111, spend that moment of time and make a wish and manifest, but don’t forget to take some action too. If you want a new job, send out that resume. If you are looking for a relationship, start inquiring if your friends know of anybody. If you want to begin a business, start writing your business plan. Today is your wakeup call to your inner soul. Will you take the first step and turn the doorknob?


“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Roald Dahl



Kristy Robinett



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