Dead Wood

Today in a session with a client, her spirit guide showed me a large tree with dead branches. “They need to be trimmed,” her guide told me to communicate. “The foundation is still good. The roots are still there, but they won’t for long if the dead isn’t cut off.”

No, her guide wasn’t talking about gardening, but instead all of the junk in life that we keep around just because. Those grudges. Hurtful emails and text messages. The names and phone numbers in our phone book of past friends and scorned lovers who won’t ever serve us any good in the future. Hurtful memories that have kept us from moving forward, or from reuniting with loved ones, or from finding another job. Sadness, disappointment, ego and/or jealousies. However you label it, it continues to kill the very thing that helps us flourish.  We continue to allow the many branches that come off of our soul to stay there even when they are hollowed and taking precious nourishment, when all we have to do is cut off the dead wood. You will always remember how beautiful those branches were when they were whole, but by cutting them, you gain a stronger foundation to grow those limbs into healthier paths. And then, and only then, after time new blooms can appear. But by protecting what isn’t worthy of being protected, often times we are afraid to make the changes, slowly killing our soul and our spirit because of that fear.

Having prolonged negativity eats away at you, from the inside out. I believe that you deserve the most beautiful life ever. Don’t you?

How to get Rid of the Dead Wood:

  1. Prune – Clean out your email box, your text messages, your phone book, etc.
  2. Plant – Shift your focus to the blooms that you want to have.
  3. Fertilize – Release what you don’t want in your life by writing out a grudge list and then say out loud, “I release _____”. Simply rip it up or burn it. And then reaffirm what you do want. Say it out loud and keep or burn it, giving it over to the Universe.
  4. Harvest – It may take time, but blossoms and then fruit will appear on your new limbs. Express gratitude and thanks.



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  • Nell Torres

    Thank you for this post, the imagery of a dead wood with brittle lifeless branches yet a pulse of light is hidden in the deepest recesses…slowly dimming day by day yet striving to push Life into those dead and dying limbs. The pain and shock of cuting those limbs off, healing the wound left behind with a shiny coating of self-soothing balm which sets the stage for tiny tendrils of foliage to start sprouting from within. A daily ritual that helps me from building resentments, stresses and/or negative essences is while showering I close my eyes and image goopy globs of blackness running out of my fingertips, our of my toes, of an oily substance washing away down my body from head to toesies then I see it swirling away down the drain and I feel refreshed knowing that my body, mind, and soul are free of any dead emotions I may have absorbed during my day.

    Much Light to you.

  • Hannah Stone

    Beautiful story. I hope she tries to solve the Baby Lisa Irwin case. The entire world will believe her then.