Out with 2012, In with 2013 – Lessons Learned

As we wind down the year I like to do some soul searching and reflection by asking myself several questions.

  1.  What was I GRATEFUL for in 2012?
  2. What LESSONS did I learn in 2012?
  3. What INTENTIONS do I have for the next couple of years?
  4. What is my THEME, or word(s) for the next year

It isn’t time for cynicism or regrets. By spelling out the learned lessons I feel that I can better make new intentions (I don’t like the word resolution so much).

This year was an incredible year for me. I feel so blessed and am so grateful.


  • I am grateful that my businesses were extremely successful in 2012 and it gave me a lot of personal satisfaction, although it was a lot of work.
  • This year was filled with achievements and dreams come true, but also many lessons in both business and my personal life.
  • This year was another crazy year of travel to new places, but because of it I was able to meet some amazing people and so grateful to encounter life changing experiences.
  • I wrote three books in 2012, with hopes that they will be published in 2013.
  • I am grateful that Higher Intuitions Oracle will be published in 2013, as will Messenger Between Worlds.
  • I am grateful that one of my dreams of being published through Llewllyn came true this year.
  • I am grateful for all the people who supported, loved and believed in me.
  • I am grateful for continuing to do what I love to do and receiving new and creative ideas each and every day. I never tire of my ‘job’.
  • I am grateful for a fabulous husband and wonderful children who love me unconditionally.
  • I am grateful for the ability to share the messages that I receive.
  • I am grateful that my dad survived his heart attack.
  • I am grateful that Gracie was found (?) safe and sound.
  • I am grateful that we added Izzy to our family.


  •  I continued to learn how to say ‘no’ more often to what felt wrong and “yes” to what felt right. It worked, and helped my soul sing rather than sputter along.
  • I continued to learn that it can be naïve to trust everybody. I had to touch the hot stove once again in 2012, but not as much as I did in previous years.
  • I learned that it is ok for me to stay firm to my beliefs, my intuition and set the course to where I want my path to go, not because someone wants me to do this or that or because someone can think I can get them somewhere. It can be tiring to have people stand on your cape.
  • I learned that I cannot control anybody else, but I can control how I react (or not react) and I have full control over who I allow in my life.
  • I learned that it does pay off to expect positive results because you really do receive positive results.
  • I learned that continuing to learn helps you grow stronger.

2013 Intentions

  •  Spend more quality time with my family.
  • Continue to travel for both business and personal.
  • Write at least three books, one being fiction.
  • Create a coaching program.
  • Continue to do speaking engagements.
  • Continue to inspire and motivate.
  • Continue to work on controlling my debt.
  • Purchase my dream home.
  • Continue to work on slimming down and getting healthy.
  • Continue to walk my talk.

2013 Theme

For several years I have chosen a theme for my year. Most times I recycle the past one with my word being BELIEVE. And if you’ve been to my office or home you know that to be loud and clear.  2012 I chose HARMONY and TRIUMPH. For 2013 I am choosing INSPIRE(D) and ABUNDANT.

It only takes a small step to change your life and before you know it, those steps are leaps and bounds! Allow others to help you, even if just with a kind word or a helpful idea, it helps makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

Now, how about you? What is your gratitude, learned lessons and upcoming intentions? Don’t worry if you feel that you can’t communicate it properly or you aren’t sure, just start writing. You can add or delete at any time. By taking the time to reflect will hopefully inspire you rather than depress you. You have an open book, start writing it!

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