Surrender Your Fear

Just a few weeks and counting until…no, not Christmas, the end of the world! Right? It is December 21st from what I have been forewarned. Fortunately I don’t play into the fear. Oh, sure I am all about being prepared for the just in cases, but when it comes to drinking the Kool Aid, I bring my own drink.


Several years ago I was attending meetings with others in the New Age/New Thought community. Most of the meetings revolved around the end of times. Some in the group were determined that December 21stwas truly the end of the earth and had already quit their jobs, were living off of their retirement (at an age that didn’t render this) and were spending a lot of money on equipment that would make the show Doomsday Preppers proud. Others simply thought that December 21stwould bring new awareness to the spiritual community and the veil would thin – to them that meant that Heaven and Earth would coincide and spirits would roam the earth with physical beings, and we would all be one happy community. And then there was the more scientific New Agers who warned of solar flares in December 2012 that would knock out power grids, satellites, internet cell phones, etc. And for years I have also been shown by my Guides that the solar flares would intensify during this time and that we may temporarily lose resources that we have come to rely on. This Monday many cell phone users in my area saw that happen when none of our cell phones worked for most all of the day, and Wednesday many Satellite TV watchers very unhappy as their connections were disrupted. Luxuries that we all take for granted can certainly bring about fear. The constant talk in these meetings seemed to only draw on fear, so much that I couldn’t attend anymore.


We all go through life with several fears. Some may not be as abstract as worry over a zombie apocalypse, but real and true worries and fear. Those fears start as kids with fearing our parents will die to worries about failing a class to fear of the boogie man in the closet. They continue into adulthood. Will I ever find love? Will I lose my job? If I lose my job will anybody hire me? Will I die before my child is grown? Will I lose my house? The fears and worries escalade as time continues and that stress does something, although most of the time not seen (especially if you have a great hair stylist!), to your soul, your spirit and your physical body. It puts stress on your system just as high temperatures do to ice and can cause an eventual cave in if you don’t watch it. The stress also stops the flow of what you DO want in your life. So in essence, by holding on to the fear, the worries and the what-ifs, you sabotage your true wishes from ever (yes, I said ever) coming true.


Never fear shadows…. that always means there is a light shining somewhere. ~Jonathon Santos


So how do you actually surrender the fear to re-start the flow?


Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. ~Les Brown


1. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Stop hanging out with negative people who don’t support your dreams and aspirations and only feed into your stress and worry. This also goes for those you encounter online (Twitter, Facebook, etc). You have every right to create boundaries and hit the Un-Friend or Block button.


2. Choose What Speaks to You

If the person handing out the Kool Aid has you wondering if they are legit, you probably already know the answer. Choose the people and the situations that speak to what you want in your life. Also, spell out what you want in your life and don’t take second best (within reason and being realistic). If you want that promotion and someone else got it, don’t fester, pout and cry. Instead, keep your focus forward on what you want to happen. It may be a better position, out of the blue, comes up for you.


3. Stop Asking Permission

It is sad to say this, but so many people (friends, family, coworkers, etc) are actually afraid of their friends/family/coworkers becoming more successful than themselves. So if you are asking permission to follow your dream, or to go after an aspiration, more times than not someone is going to find fault with it which is only going to make you second guess yourself. Stop asking permission and follow your heart (and choose what speaks to you!).


4. Stop Feeling Guilty for Your Successes

You are entitled to be happy. Yes, YOU! You are entitled to celebrate your successes and you are entitled to love life. Just because your best friend or relative is going through something, doesn’t mean you have to negate what is going right in your life. You can actually help them out more the more successful and happy you are. Oh, they may hate you for a moment, but happiness is just as contagious as depression.


5. Confront Your Fears Head On

Sometimes we know what we don’t want, and know our fears, more than we know what we do want. Make a list of what you are fearful of. Confront those fears head on by naming them and looking at them realistically. If they are fears that you have no control over (which tends to be most of them), then simply replace that fear with what you do wish to happen. If you are afraid you are going to lose your job, and seeing as you don’t control that, your boss does, spend your time doing the best job you possibly can instead of worrying about losing your job. If you are worrying over never finding someone that will love you, spend that time loving yourself and making yourself to be as loveable as possible.


By allowing fear to be your best friend, you actually lose your identity. As we prepare for the New Year, take some time in dumping fear and you will be surprised that you may just uncover yourself under all that worry.




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