Fox News and the Witch Trials

I’m neither a Pagan, nor a Wiccan – I am a Lutheran, and yes, I am a professional Psychic Medium. I have been judged by Christians, Atheists, Pagans, Wiccans and well, just about every group that wants to judge because they have opinions and feel the need to share them.  At one event that I hosted, I had a group of Methodists who decided that they would hold up signs saying that they were praying for me and my soul. I was pretty excited because, well, I like prayer and maybe their prayers pushed my prayers to the head of the class in Heaven. Okay, that was a bad joke.

I grew up in a religious household (Lutheran) and attended parochial school from K-12. I also saw spirits from the tender age of 3 and I had difficulty understanding what I was being taught at school and church compared to what I was seeing, feeling and hearing. For several years I fought with the rationale, my sanity and my religion. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I decided to consult my minister.  Becoming comfortable with my gift has taken an awful long time and still when I speak with someone who doesn’t know “what” I am, I begin – “Now, I am perfectly sane, but….I see ghosts….” I am not different than you. Everybody has the ability to see, you just have to open yourself to it.

In school we learned about different religions, most of the time being told that unless it was labeled Christian it equated to a cult. As I entered high school, many of us debated and spoke up rather than accepting the teacher’s lectures at face value, asking for more love and acceptance, understanding and less judgment. I thought of that today when I saw this segment of Fox News.

In a nutshell, University of Missouri is asking for Wiccan and Pagan holidays to be included. Fox News and its contemptuous and arrogant so-called journalists ignorantly stereotyped the group as saying they are either Dungeon and Dragon players or middle aged woman living in the woods delivering babies. The prejudice and hate shone throughout the segment, but what got me the most was fear. “Oh, it will never happen,” and spouting that the group was small, not even discussing statistics. And despite the numbers, I am sure that I am not the only non-Pagan/non-Wiccan that found the segment religiously racist.

Several years back, Kathy Lee also made a naive comment about Pagans on the Today Show, saying that Pagans were nasty and bad.

Pagans have enough stereotypes and prejudices to deal with without Kathy Lee and Fox News airing obvious ignorance. Many called for an apology from Kathie Lee, and many are calling for an apology from Fox News, yet how about instead educating the scared journalists. In the meantime, the 1600’s called and they want their gallows back.

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  • Cortney

    “Fox News and its contemptuous and arrogant so-called journalists ignorantly stereotyped the group as saying they are either Dungeon and Dragon players or middle aged woman living in the woods delivering babies” This right here is incorrect. Fox News did not say these things…a guest host did. Nevertheless, obviously some pagans need a flag to burn and this seems to be it. I’m pagan and I’m not bothered by the comments. He didn’t offend me when he said them, he just made me realize he is uninformed. Maybe instead of turning this into a Witch trial…no pun intended…we should be informing, not burning them at the stake. The hypocrisy over the last couple of days is astounding.

    • Laura

      OK…. First look up the defination of Journalist or Reporter.
      It is their JOB to DO RESEARCH and that guest was another Fox New Editor.They took what should have been a great day for diversity and spit on it. They changed the facts in mid report from 20% to 20 holidays. It was a piss poor report even by Fox Standards. The reason to be upset by this is that the great unwashed will take this as GOSPEL because it was on TV.
      You should actually read on who these people are and actually listen to what they are saying, before saying that the pagan/wiccan community is overreacting.

      • kristyrobinett

        The comments were jaw dropping startling. I also noticed the change from 20 to 20%. One of the hosts was trying to hold it together, for awhile anyhow. But when you get a bully going, many join in with the bully.

    • Bevin

      From my understanding (and I only saw clips on this, not the actual broadcast), the person saying it was one of three hosts. A male who’s name I can’t remember. A female guest also said some very uninformed things as well, but the label of ‘D&D players and middle-aged, twice divorced housewives delivering babies’ was made by the actual regular host.
      Personally, I am insulted. This was a news story they were doing and as such, you would *think* that you would do a little research on the subject you’re reporting instead of just spouting things you think you know. Throw in your opinion if you’d like, but don’t state things as facts that aren’t.
      Although… Fox & Friends, as well as Fox News, is known for that. So in reality, I shouldn’t be surprised one bit.

  • rumitoid

    If it weren’t for Fox News, reality would little comic relief. Most of their shows are a joke or fear-mongering. That is their spectrum of reporting.

  • Madmidgit

    While I may disagree with your claims about the paranormal I completely agree on your message; all religious holidays should be if not represented at least aknowledged

    • kristyrobinett

      Ha! Thanks!

  • Madmidgit

    And Fox News is a bunch of bigoted @ss holes

  • N.B.

    My ancestors arrived in Salem Ma in 1635 and by 1637 with Ann Hutchinson and the Antinomian controversy they were on her side. History records what happen to her.There was no freedom of religion so Deliverance the youngest child in the family went to Southhold Long Island and here I am today. Looking into all the past i can not help but feel the presence of many ancestors at times
    you wrote: I saw spirits from the tender age of three and you wrote : I had difficulty understanding what i was being taught…..
    were you ever made to fear these ghosts? or were they in peace? I focus on bringing them to peace and love

    • kristyrobinett

      I was told that anything to do with spirits or ghosts was occult, evil and I would go to hell. So, yeah, I supposed I grew up being afraid of seeing. :)

      • N. B.

        Thank you for your reply . I see you are an author and I’ll check out your books . WOW!

        Author of Ghosts of Southeast Michigan, Michigan’s Haunting Legends and Lore (2012), Messenger Between Worlds (2012) and Higher Intuitions Oracle deck (2012).

  • J. Bob

    Sounds like they are not fair & balanced like the other “news” outlets like MSNBC, ABC, CBS & CNN. There might be something that some of the above don’t see, since Fox has the highest cable ratings.

  • Kris Bradley

    “…many are calling for an apology from Fox News, yet how about instead educating the scared journalists.”

    Can’t we do both?

    I have to respectfully disagree with the term “journalist”. A journalist would have researched a topic thoroughly before reporting on it. What we have on that Fox morning show are “hosts” who make editorial comments based on ignorance and misinformation.

    • kristyrobinett

      I agree. I stated that they were journalists because that is how they referred to themselves.

  • Marie

    Thank you for your article, Kristy! Your words and sentiments are appreciated by many in the Pagan/Wiccan community, including myself.

    • kristyrobinett

      Thank you so much for the thank you! :)

  • Christine Kraemer

    Thanks for this article, Kristy! We have some great Pagan journalists and organizations who are out there doing the educating, including The Wild Hunt ( and the Covenant of the Goddess ( The Wild Hunt has been covering this issue, including Tucker Carlson’s apology.

    –Christine Kraemer, Pagan Channel Managing Editor

  • Bill Beckwith

    Tucker Carlson has since apologized. It would be a good thing should Fox News hire a Wiccan Priestess as a Fox News contributor just like the nice Catholic Priest Father John Morris who works there.