The Birth of Higher Intuitions Oracle

When I first began doing readings, I was given a deck of Rider Waite Tarot and had absolutely no connection to them. Zilch. They didn’t have enough visual appeal to me. And while I honored the history of them, I couldn’t even touch them. So, I went in search of both a Tarot and Oracle deck that sang to me, because for me, I intuitively read them. I pick up the energy off of the decks and ask your guides, angels and loved ones to interpret it. That is why I love what I do so much – the Magician card may have one meaning for Angie and yet an entire different meaning for Abby. There is never the same thing, the same message, within a day for me. <<<love it>>>!! When I saw The Gilded Tarot, I knew that it was mine, and since that time, it is my go-to when and if I am called to use a Tarot deck. The Oracle was different. I probably bought 10 different decks, most all from Doreen Virtue (who I admire), but every time I used any of them, something was calling me to create my own.

More than five years ago I met Johna Gibson-Bowman. There was something about her, something about our relationship, that told me we were destined to complete a project. She, a gifted artist, and me, someone who can’t even draw a stick figure, at the time didn’t comprehend that it would be the creation of an Oracle until we sat down across from one another at a restaurant, and with a handful of napkins, we drew out a design and concept. And thank goodness my verbal explanation of what I visualized was conceptualized and interpreted by Johna, when most people would be doing the one ear cocked, “Huh?” at me.

Higher Intuitions Oracle has been completed for a year or so, but we’ve been (im)patiently waiting for Schiffer to do their reveal – and on the trail of the April Full Moon, it looks like it will finally be released. I am so proud and so honored to share this experience with Johna, and the world.

Your angels and your guides frequently give signs and symbols in order to help you along your paths of enlightenment and good. Animals are around all of us each day – either as the living, breathing types or through pictures and songs. Spirit invites you to perceive that animals have an energy you can use to find your true passageway through these 44 stunning Higher Intuition cards. Once there, the messages they send help you create your best life. Complications and annoyances can sometimes obscure the clarity of the big picture; however, through the cards you will learn to see and gain “higher intuition.” The accompanying book includes detailed, positive messages and art that provide you with helpful ideas and divination spreads. With simplistic beauty and a touch of whimsy, Higher Intuitions Oracle helps to clear the cobwebs of indecision in order to take the necessary steps forward.

I hope that this deck sings to you like it does me.  I hope that you find the messages through the pictures and the book to offer you your own daily (weekly, monthly, etc) insight, as I always say you don’t need a Psychic or Medium, just trusting in yourself and listening to the messages that you receive. This creation helps with that.

We are determined to make this a #1 item on Amazon, #1 in your hearts and in your library of Oracle. I am working on an online release party and an online class on ways to use Higher Intuitions Oracle (as they say, stay tuned!).  On Thursday, May 9th I will be at Smokey Crystal selling ($25) and signing the decks. And I will be at Reflexions Plus in Allegan, Michigan on May 11th teaching a H.I. Class.

To order your deck through Amazon, visit here.

Thank you for being part of this process with me. I am grateful for this journey!

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