What MAY Come – Energy Scopes for May

May is a Magical Month with two eclipses, which will bring a  lots of change, transformation and excitement to most everybody. Watch out, May is set to be a wild ride!

A New Moon with a Solar Eclipse occurs on May 9, 2013 in Taurus. This moon will most affect people born within the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). New Moons are all about new beginnings and life transformations, and the Solar Eclipse offers an extra boost to an already magical time.

On May 25, 2013, there is a Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and most affect Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Full Moons are about releasing what isn’t working in your life, so with the Lunar Eclipse, you may see many endings, give way to new beginnings.

Eclipses affect us for months and sometimes years afterwards, so be careful what steps you take in May, thoughts you think and projects you decide to tackle.

Aries – March 21 – April 19

Just as April ended with career and finances on the forefront, May begins with the same. If you are looking to make a job change, or ask for a raise, this is the time. If you are thinking of opening a business or maybe you are preparing a business plan, a manuscript for query to a publishing house or agent, or have been thinking of signing up for school – THIS is the time. Although you aren’t supposed to stress about any of the above, you are supposed to take initiative.

Mid-month you get your flirt on, and although you may not feel quite like settling down (or settling, for that matter), there won’t be lack of those trying to win your affection. The summer is going to be hot, Aries.


Taurus – April 20 – May 20

Happy Birthday, Taurus!

Patience pays off this month, Taurus. Remember in January when I said it will get better mid-year. Well, not only is it your birthday month, love is in the air for you this month and onward.

April showers (or in your case – frustrations and possibly tears) brings May flowers and maybe even wedding bells. Okay, don’t have a panic attack, Taurus – it’s just an expression! You might not be ready quite yet for those wedding bells, but this month is all about passion and relationships. So if you are single and looking, or with someone and feeling stagnant, May kicks things into high gear in the love zone – all for the better.

Sometimes you are too analytical, Taurus, but this isn’t the time to analyze it all, it’s the time to enjoy, and there will be plenty of opportunities to socialize and strut your beautiful Taurus self. Not only will love be abounding, but career opportunities and unexpected money could also come your way. Lucky!!


Gemini – May 21 – June 20

May is set up to be a magical month for you, Gemini.  Jupiter is aligned just right in your relationship and partnership sector and since Jupiter is also the Greater Benefic, it brings chances and enthusiasm and openness. Then on the New Moon on May 9th, Venus, the planet of love, brings in some passion, sensuality and sexuality. This combination can help both new and potential love, along with current love interests. And there could be potential for a lost love from your past to pop up.

Since you already are an open book and wear your heart on your sleeve type of person, this planetary alignment doesn’t come without a forewarning. Not everybody likes you. And not everybody has to like you, Gemini. I know that your feelings get hurt and you are a people pleasure, but this month you may find out the hard way with gossip and possible betrayals that it is time to create boundaries – especially in the workplace, and especially with those fair weather friends. It isn’t worth the heartache. Seeing that there are so many people who do love you, don’t put your energy into the haters. Hold your head high and re-focus.

Along with a spring love affair, this month brings job opportunities and choices for you. What a great way to begin your birthday month!


Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Stand up and reach your arms as far out in front of you, widening the space – and make room for change, Cancer. I know that you don’t like it much, but the time has come and the time is now. There is an underlining loneliness and frustration within your energy this month. It’s as if the in the beginning of May all you can do is dwell on all that hasn’t panned out for you. In your mind, you seem to go back five plus years and calculating all that has gone wrong. Stop and do your stretch again, Cancer. Remove the rearview mirror from your psyche and look forward at what you want, and not what you don’t.

May is a goal oriented month, which will give great results. First you have to start creating those goals and be as specific as you can. If your goal is to bring love into your life, write down qualities of that perfect-for-you partner. If you goal is to look for a new job, write down the type of work you want to do and the type of team you want to work with and around. And then don’t sacrifice those wishes. By taking action this month, you will find that the seeds you plan will bloom. Maybe not this month, but they will bloom in the right time. Nothing blooms, though, unless you plant the seeds. Oh, and then water and fertilize them, and giving them some extra love doesn’t hurt either.


Leo – July 23 – August 22

Pat yourself on the back, Leo, it looks like May is all about celebrations.

The beginning of May will make you feel a bit overwhelmed and running on fumes. You may also feel as if absolutely nothing is aligning the way you want it to in your life. Before you throw that temper tantrum, just wait a few days because the May 9th New Moon will bring opportunities and excitement. With regards to career, an unexpected promotion or job opportunity might come your way before month end, which could also bring some travel in late 2013. If you are thinking of opening a new business or offer a service, this is the month!

May 25th we have a brilliant full moon which will help shed some light on love for you, Leo. If you are single, this is the time to accept any and all social invitations, or sign up for that dating or matchmaking service. If in a relationship, you might find that your love grows deeper for your partner. And there could possibly be wedding bells in the future. If you are looking at having a baby, the full moon also brings about a focus on children. If you aren’t wanting to get pregnant – be careful!

All your successes seem to pay off by end of month, Leo. Enjoy it – you’ve earned it.


Virgo – August 23 – September 22

The Solar Eclipse on May 9th makes this a great time to think about education and long-distance and foreign connections. So you may be thinking of taking a job that has an international connection, or you might just be planning an overseas trip.

May 25th is the Lunar Eclipse and is all about completion. At this time you may be feeling drained or noticing that people around you are draining you (I call those people psychic vampires). It is at this time that you must be wary of the company that you keep around you. Many in relationships may find that they are less tolerant of their partners, and those single may just want to hide and not deal with anybody at end of month. It would be safe to not sign any contracts or commit to any collaboration. For those fed up with relationships and feeling the need to sign divorce  paperwork or break up with their partner, wait until the first of June to see if you feel the same way. Be careful with instant judgment and spontaneous decisions this May, as you may regret it once June comes around.


Libra – September 23 – October 22

Are you asking when your time will finally come, Libra? Well, May begins and ends on a peaceful note for you. You’ve needed some time to just be and not have drama circulating around you, and here it is. Will you even know what to do with yourself, Libra, without running around and putting out a zillion fires?

As you settle yourself this month, you may find yourself being a bit sentimental and nostalgic. Be careful to not put the rose colored glasses on about an ex, or look to re-connect (or social networking stalk) just because the past memories will run pretty deep this month. Exes are Exes for a reason. May will be a great time, however, to re-ignite the flame with your current partner, or if you are single – attend as many social gatherings as you can and allow yourself to talk to those that may not even seem like your type as there is a good chance that a love interest worth pursuing.

The end of the month could bring travel, and possibly international travel, or just talk and planning for it. Or it could even be that you meet someone with international connections. No matter what it is, it spells romance and excitement.


Scorpio – October 23 – November 21

With April’s Full Moon in Scorpio, you may have found that your transformation began around April 25th when we had Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. And if you’ve felt out of sorts the last few months, you aren’t alone because most all of your fellow Scorps have felt the same.

The month begins with you having to re-evaluate your relationships. All of your relationships: business, love relationships, friendships, etc. An overhaul is needed and it is needed badly. You may simply feel like purging your Facebook or even deactivating your account, as you’ve felt bogged down with the constant chatter that you’ve lost your own inner voice. This is not a good time to begin any new partnerships, Scorpio.

Do you remember what you were you doing in 1994? That is if you are old enough to remember! Well, May of this year will be like time travel back to that year for you Scorp, especially May of 1994. You may feel nostalgic this month and extra sensitive. Feel it and let it go. This month would be a great time to get the journal out, sign up for Yoga, start an exercise program or anything else that helps with self-care. May isn’t a wash, it’s just karmic lessons that may not have been dealt with coming back to be cleaned up and cleaned out. 


Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21

The beginning of May will be filled with pesky frustrations, but on the New Moon on May 9th Venus enters your house of couples and relationships, making you forgot all about the previous eight days.

There are opportunities for new relationships if you are single, just make sure to do some soul work as the person you meet will be worthy of being a forever mate. Are you ready to commit? Have you purged the junk from the past? You might be comparing this one to a last, but just remember that you can’t hit rewind and re-do. May is all about new beginnings and new loves.

If you are in a relationship and have been squabbling, May brings you closer together. A romantic weekend trip may just be what is needed, so get planning now.


Capricorn – December 22 – January 19

May begins with you feeling tense, stressed and overall ornery, and will continue to be that same way if you continue to focus on what is not working in your life, Cap. We don’t get what we want out of life, we get what we believe, and May is that month for you to reevaluate what you believe that you deserve out of life. Do you believe you are worthy of having that dream job, good money, a fabulous partner? Do you honestly? If you have a flash of doubt then it is you, and you alone, who are keeping all the wonderful things from happening in your life. Tough, I know, but true. And the thing, Cap, is that you are a good person and you do deserve the moon and the stars.

In the beginning of May, soul searching and purging the past is on the agenda. As you head into the middle to end of May, you are ready to get out and play, but your work becomes intense and busy and you might be spending more time at work than at home. Because of that, this is a good time to look around the workplace to see who catches your eye. Just be careful to not overdo it this month, Capricorn. Between your soul yearning to have fun, a newfound spontaneity for life, and your responsibilities at work, there is a good chance if you attempt to accomplish it all (isn’t that the Cap way?), it could lead to illness or injury.


Aquarius   –   January 20 – February 18

Mars (the planet of desire, passion and action) begins May with still be locating in your house of couples and Venus in transit through your house of love and sexual enthusiasm, which means that if you aren’t in a relationship, you are sure looking for that forever partner. It won’t be until mid-May when all the stars and planets might align for you. But Aquarius you have to get out there in order to find that special someone. Stop wishing on stars and hopelessly hoping and become a fearless flirter. This month is set to be magical if you allow it to be.

Don’t let the first half of the month frustrate you as it will be about practicality. So if you are unhappy with your job, this is a great time to start applying and even looking outside your typical comfort zone. May is all about coloring outside the lines for you, Aquarius, so color it bright. But first you must pick up the crayons. Yes, sometimes you want someone else to do all the work and May pushes you to expand your soul, but with the expansion you will find yourself in a happier place.

The end of May finds you being a little social butterfly, and having fun. Enjoy the ride, Aquarius, and stop wondering where the ride will take you.


Pisces – February 19 – March 20

So we know that rarely do you filter what you say, Pisces, however that endearing quality that we love about you may get you into major trouble this May. With two eclipses this month, it will make many over-sensitive, which will make the constant flow of honesty and truths feel hurtful instead of as constructive criticism. Before you speak, or email, do a double check – are you saying it because you think you are funny and cute, and does it have anything to offer to anybody other than that? This goes for both your personal and love life along with work life.

The beginning of May finds you feeling motivated in all areas of your life. So if you are single, this is a great time to attend any and all social function, but again, be careful what you say as it could get you in hot water. You might think that by offering cooking tips to the host is a great idea – think again. Or telling someone that you would like a certain person would be cuter if they lost some weight, and that certain person is actually their own significant other. Get the point?

Ideas and passion aren’t lacking in May, and this is a great time to press forward and pursue them, for everything is aligned for you to turn your genius into something lucrative and satisfying.

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