Message to Miley Cyrus


I have always loved music. I started taking dancing lessons when I was quite young, played drums in a rock band (and in school band), sang in the choir and over all loved music. Still do. Music makes many people feel young and conjures memories of the past. When my husband and I met, we bonded over our love of music, albeit we don’t have identical tastes and with him being ten years older than I am, I tease him about his oldies and he teases me about my hair bands, but it is all good. So last night we turned on the VMA’s excited to see Robin Thicke, as Blurred Lines is a catchy tune, and we love Justin Timberlake and were curious to see if NSYNC were actually going to reunite and perform as rumored. What I wasn’t prepared for turning the television off three hours later and feeling older than dirt.

Lady Gaga, the normal shocker at award ceremonies, was tame compared to what would come after her. Miley Cyrus, who made her breakout in Disney’s Hannah Montana and as Achy Breaky Heart’s Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter, decided to show the world that she was no longer a little girl by dancing half naked with teddy bears and with her tongue sticking out as if she was having a seizure. She obviously had been studying Gene Simmons. Her dancing, if that is what you want to call it, was more like soft porn, and as she stripped down to a plastic outfit not at all flattering nor sexy, that made her butt look like raw chicken and twerked, Robin Thicke came out in a black and white striped suit that looked like he raided Beetlejuice’s closet and the twenty year old Miley gyrated and rubbed up against the mid-30’s married soul singer, kissing his neck, and plain getting freaky all the while her mom stood and clapped in the audience.

No, none of this is new. The VMA’s are known for trying to shock. Whether Madonna, Cher, Brittany Spears, Lady Gaga, or Christina Aguilera, but I whether new or old, does that make it right? As I followed Twitter, I found that my horrified reaction was in the majority, but it made me feel old nonetheless. After all, shouldn’t I be desensitized by this by now? Apparently not.

What I wondered during the, dare I say, performance, was how many people told this child (I don’t care if Miley is an adult or not, she’s still a child to me – see, I am feeling old) that this was a grand idea? Not just for that night but for her future career? Or did they just not even care because, after all they did exactly what they aimed to do – they got us talking.

So we get it Miley. You want to show everyone that you aren’t a little girl anymore. But maybe, just maybe, it may get you further in life if you look at who loved you enough to get you to where you are now. Your Disney fans have grown too, but I am betting that most all don’t want to see your butt rolls or your tongue and I would go out on a limb to say the majority of people don’t want to watch you masturbate on stage.  Look at the history of former TV stars. It’s not positively aimed in your favor. So just because a so-called professional in the industry says it’s a good idea, think again, because not all attention is good attention.

Now, excuse me while I yell for the kids to get off my lawn.

Kristy Robinett

Life Coach

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