Gypsy Soul

For over a year a friend, Mary, and I threw around an idea of doing retreats that would help, mainly women, create new friendship, explore their artistic side and embrace their inner child. And so Gypsy Soul Retreats was born  as a means to inspire, encourage and nurture creativity with unique workshops. We knew that there were plenty retreats that were offered and we wrestled with how would ours differ until we realized we couldn’t do the comparison and that we just had to plain do it.

After creating a vision for the project, we looked at a location for our first event and seeing that we wanted an autumn theme, I thought that a cider mill would be a perfect spot.

When my kids were young, their school field trip would be to Three Cedars, a family farm, that offered cider, donuts, pumpkins, corn mazes, hay rides and bonfires – and they just so rented out the top of the barn for special events. It was perfect.

Gypsy Soul Retreats is a creative retreat for anyone willing to explore their inner creative side. Whether you are a skilled crafter, have never picked up a paintbrush, and think that knitting needles are weapons, you will enjoy each project. We believe with all our hearts that each person is creative and that it heals the body, mind and spirit.

Mary and I added Nancie on as a guest Gypsy to help teach a class and we soon discovered that we had a great well-rounded team. Now if I were to say that everything went smoothly, I would be fibbing. I tend to be a bit of a Type-A when it comes to events and sharing responsibilities was hard. Delegating and learning to let go was hard. But…I grew through the process, and nobody disappointed.

After weeks of preparation, September 14th – the day of HARVEST arrived. With a sold-out crowd of 50 plus women, my husband and I got up early and we met Mary and Nancie. Carrying up soda, water, swag bags, food, art projects and flowers – we decorated the barn. Before we knew it, the vendors and sponsors were arriving and three hours sped by with our participants pouring in and receiving homemade name tags Mary created out of muffin liners, buttons and bows. 

After introductions and a meditation, Mary taught us our first project  – a glass necklace that everybody had fun creating. And realizing how easy it was, many decided that they would soon be going to the local craft store to get more supplies and create Christmas gifts. We then journaled on canvas and painted over our dreams and fears – creating gorgeous art. Next was affirmation rocks, a lesson on dreams and dream catchers and finally a vision book. In between we ate delicious food, laughed, danced, chatted, and took a hayride. The night ended with us writing down the things we wanted to rid out of our lives and throwing it in the bonfire, wearing light up sticks, making s’mores and then Chuck and I told some ghost stories and answered some questions. Besides for the mosquitoes, the day and the night was pure magic.

With three events planned in 2014 – we hope that you will join us on a gypsy adventure.

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